Life is a show put on for me. Or, if I’m playing the game of “you” being a separate person from “me” who is going to read my post, then I could say that it is a show put on for you, from your perspective. But I am you, and you are me, and these distinctions are just arbitrary and silly game terminology. Everyone is acting. It’s almost poor acting, because it is obvious, when it is seen. Consider it an informal play. It is my own consciousness putting on the play for itself. It’s not concerned with doing it perfectly, because the play is for him/her-self, so there is noone to judge it.

Reality and its occupants are seemingly conscious of the fact that it’s a play, and it is so deeply engrained into reality that the consciousness sees no reason to openly discuss it, as it is the underlying assumption that is always obviously known. There are sort of gaps in the play, though, where people who the one consciousness is playing will quite openly and candidly talk to each other, sort of breaking character. Yet they never seem to really give it their full attention. It’s almost as if they/(s)he is trying to keep the play somewhat hidden, and so when character is broken they have to kind of act like they are paying attention to something else, so attention isn’t drawn to it.

When you see clearly that it’s all a play, it’s like there is a huge secret between you and the consciousness that penetrates reality, or all of reality and its inhabitants. (S)he doesn’t make any attempt to hide it, really, just doesn’t usually openly discuss it with you. When you first see it, you’re overcome with the feeling that it’s all so strange. If you can maintain awareness of the play, though, you can become engrossed in it, because you’re acting too. Life becomes very enjoyable and silly at this point, as you lose all fear of consequences or of doing or saying the wrong thing. It becomes somewhat hysterical, because you’re fully conscious of the fact that you’re just acting/playing, and you can be any character you want, and everyone is just acting/playing with you. The strangeness is that you are still occupying what you have known as the “real” world, despite the obviousness of being in a play.

Don’t consider this just theory. I’m not saying all of this just as hypothetical word-philosophy. This is the way reality is always working, for all of us. Don’t think of this as just interesting words to read. Pay attention in your life! Try to see with the whole of your consciousness, unclouded. When you really penetrate through the illusion, it’s an incredible experience. My work is to try to maintain this awareness, and plunge the depths of the rabbit hole further and further.