Word-thoughts are slowly vibrating, dense forms of mental activity. They slow down your conscious mind, and utilize its unlimited energy potential in a highly inefficient manner. Become a very serious thought-watcher. During everything you do, pay attention to what is going on in your mind, and your Nervous System as a whole. Try to catch your thoughts the moment they arise, and understand them without needing to take the time to fully articulate them. As perceptions come into your awareness, learn to perceive the array of thoughts that pop into your head, the various connections being made; learn to process this multitude of thoughts instantly, again without needing to take the time to put them into words. You will find that this process of putting your thoughts into words is actually completely unnecessary. When you do this, you’re simply wasting time putting a thought that you already fully understand into words, just because you’ve become so accustomed to the idea of worded language. As you get more and more to the core of these thoughts, you may begin to find that you are able to process multiple different layers and expressions of thought simultaneously, in less time than it would generally take for you to articulate just one of them. Your brain has computing power beyond anything you can possibly imagine. There is an entire universe of information in your brain. It’s all there, right now. Most of it is simply tucked away in your subconscious, unavailable due to your tendency towards slow vibrations, which allow access to only the most surface level of mental activity.

The idea is to train yourself to become perceptive to the inner-workings of your brain. To perceive more and more subtle mental activity, and really pay attention to what is happening, as it happening. Here you will gain insight into what exactly your brain really does, and how it does it. As you are doing this, learn to ACT within this flow of information. The same principle is at work, here. You do not need to put your thoughts into words in order to determine what course of action is the right one. Understand the process of how your thoughts determine your actions, and allow your body to catch up with this faster rate of processing. It may be nerve-wracking at first, but as you see how it works, and that it DOES work, it is rather thrilling. If you can really learn to do this, everything you do can be absolutely enthralling. It’s like a never-ending adrenaline rush, where based on accumulated standards it seems as though you’re being wreckless, when in actuality you are acting more intelligently than you ever have, by far. This whole process will likely lead to an increased awareness of energy in the body, as well. You can use this energy to further assist you in guiding your decisions. That is the other task. Becoming aware of energy in the body, and trying to increase these energies.