There exists probability regions around us at all times, alternate formations of atoms. These alternate formations of atoms essentially result in alternate realities. The energies of reality always remain as probability regions until observation, at which point the probabilities collapse into one actual formation. The formation results from focusing, which condenses the probability regions of the surroundings in order to conform with that focus point. It is a mirror image of the focus point of the observer. The less focused you are, the more wiggle room the atoms are given to exist as probabilities. Increased intensities and durations of being unfocused opens your mind up to more and more of its potential for infinitely wide range of ways which it can sort the surrounding energies in its creation of your reality. This is simply a testament to the infinitely wide range of FOCUS POINTS which the brain is capable of. When you focus, the probabilities collapse in order to conform to the viewpoint of your focus. This works on a reciprocating fashion, because since your focus creates your reality, it seemingly confirms the truth of your focus point. This creates momentum, and makes that viewpoint more and more ingrained into your mental makeup, which therefore continues to play a role in your brain’s sorting of the energies.

If you understand this process, the ideal way of being becomes obvious. Constantly cultivate an unfocused mind, until an opportunity to focus in an enjoyable and preferable way presents itself. When this occurs, you focus intensely, honing in your mind on those energies. When the opportunity for preferable focusing disappears, you go back to cultivating an unfocused mind. Through your cultivation of an unfocused mind, you open up more potential within your Nervous System to sort energies in a more flexible fashion. Through your only focusing on preferable things, you build momentum in your mind, and create a tendency to align energies in that way. This is the essential technique for reality creation. Now it is all about training yourself to consistently do this, and learning how you want to focus. Remember, focus points serve as reference points for what you are going to attract into your reality.