The probabilities that determine the structures that make up your reality align according to your own mental breakdown of statistical probabilities of what you assume would happen, or innately consider the possibility of. Things can not come into existence that you have not first considered coming into existence. All of the things that you consider happening are transferred to your highest consciousness, which essentially exists as a timeless database of all thoughts. These thoughts then arrange themselves according to the probabilities created by your own mental beliefs about possible reality-sequences, and the likelihood of their occurrence. All thoughts exist somewhere in the range of the possibilities of your highest Mind, and in order to shift through the likelihood of their occurrence you need to adjust your own mental considerations of what you intuitively think is possible.

The origin of all thoughts is somewhere in the past-future timeline, and from the perspective of higher consciousness there is only now. From the highest perspective of consciousness, there is only stored memories in timeless and infinite consciousness being remembered. Each of the occurrences in your reality-sequences can be looked at as games. There are certain roles being played, certain assumptions being had, certain rules implicit in the game. Now, games can intertwine in all sorts of ways, and there can be games within games. However it plays out, these sequences do not play out according to pre-determined rules. They play out according to your own rules, that you subconsciously consider to be probable.