The Universe itself has conscious-intelligence, or contelligence. This level of contelligence is entirely metaphysical. It is consciousness which requires no physical carrier. To begin to understand this, you must consider and understand the old statement “The biggest is found within the smallest.” This contelligence of the Universe is to be found within the atom, the absolute basis of physical existence. Within the nucleus of the atom, the ‘brain’ of the Universe is to be found. Within the smallest particle of physical existence is the brain of the entire universe! At this level of contelligence, biological life and physiology in general is entirely transcended.

All things, being composed of atoms, form an unimaginably large network of meta-physiological conscious-conversation. This is not done through division. This is done through the total mind of all things exploring every avenue of possible conscious experience through manifesting as singularities. At the very smallest levels of existence, at the atomic level, this consciousness explores all possibilities. As certain energy-patterns increase their levels of attraction, through its manifestation attaining to stronger and deeper levels of internal energy, it becomes more and more magnetic, which causes larger ranges of resonance. This is the journey of the Singularity. A Singularity is “infinitely small and infinitely dense.” ‘Infinitely small’ because you go into deeper and deeper levels of energy, and ‘infinitely dense’ because as you go inwards, your magnetism increases, and you pull more and more into your energy-field through an increased range of attraction.