We may categorize two basic types of energies. These are internal energies and external energies. Internal energies are cultivated through non-intention, whereas external energies are cultivated through intention. There is an inverse relationship between these two types of energies; as one increases, the other decreases. Each of these energies correspond to their own timelines, or experience over time. Internal energies correspond to an internal experience of time, and external energies correspond to an external experience of time. As an energy level is increased, its related experience of time slows down, and vice-versa. This idea of higher energies corresponding to a slowing down of time is consistent with Einstein’s theory of relativity. In Einstein’s equations and theories, time is relative, as is everything else. Time, here, is relative to the speed of the object that we are gauging the time of in relation to the speed of light. The nearer the speed of light, or in other words the faster its movement, the slower the passage of time. Higher energies could also be termed higher vibrational frequencies, which demonstrates more directly the consistency of what I am presenting with relativity.

As described earlier, an increase to internal energies brings about a slowing of internal time, which also results in increased magnetism. Slowing down of internal time corresponds to an increase to the amount of signals registered by your conscious mind within the body. As you become aware of, and can feel, more energies within the body, your individual-subjective perception of time slows down. As internal time is slowed through an increasing of internal energies, the corresponding decrease of external energies brings about an increased speed in the passing of external time. This is explained through the principle of magnetism already described. With an increase in internal energies comes increased magnetism, which makes you more attractive to the external reality. External time is measured according to perceived frequency of external possibility. This increase in magnetism leads to an increased frequency of perceived external possibility, which is the cause of the necessary increase in external time associated with lower levels of external energy.

This process is reciprocal and exponential, because as you witness this increased rate of the functioning of the external reality occurring, it becomes easier to cultivate internal energies. Through this process, you will become less and less attracted to any one particular thing. You can look at this energetically as well as psychologically. Energetically speaking, the external will be approaching you in the same way you as an individual might approach the external, as described above. You will, therefore, naturally feel some sense of repulsion to it, as was the case of the previous scenario which was simply reversed; this repulsion may be felt as true repulsion or something nearer to indifference. Psychologically speaking, you may find that much of your former attraction to specific things was actually the result of a sense of lack, and a seeming incapability of getting the things you really wanted. You therefore became overly attached to some specific things, that likely weren’t even close to your true ideal. It is very difficult for us to even conceive of our ideals until we believe that we can have what we want. When we see that this is possible, then we can start thinking seriously about what it is that we actually want. This also contributes to the exponential nature of this process, because as you witness how it works, your energy levels continuously increase along with an increase of your realization of the possibilities.