The holographic nature of mind is not only to be found within the individual mind, but in fact can be found within the fabric of reality itself, which is ultimately of the nature of consciousness. From this essential holographic energy-field of all of reality, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, representing different variations of individuality and so forth, each piece containing the information of all. There are many levels to this breaking down, but most of it will likely be deemed arbitrary to the terrestrial mind who has never left hir home-planet, nor has likely even seriously thought about it. It is likely impossible to give a perfectly adequate breakdown of this, but we may say the “complete” and pure hologram is, as previously mentioned, the essence of reality itself that permeates a perhaps infinite multi-verse. This then breaks down into the individual universes, the incredible amount of galaxies within a universe, the incredible amount of solar systems within the galaxies, and then to the incredible amount of planets within the solar systems. From the planetary level and downard, we can begin to speak of classifications of the way this hologram breaks down that would really register significant meaning within the human mind.

The planet in its entirety would be one scale of the hologram, in which all life on the planet shared this information. All life on Earth, then, would be representative of the same exact energy-field, or range of information. Just to make sure I am clear, this unified energy/information field of Earth would be a scaled down version of the same field that exists as the solar system, which is scaled down from the galaxy, which is scaled down from the universe, which is scaled down from the multiverse/reality-fabric. No matter what scale you look, you will find “different” representations of the same thing. Anyways, back to planetary talk. As I said, all life on the planet would be representative of the same energy-information field. This means all of the different species are simply categories in the Gain mind, but all sharing that same mind. Now we can look at the species level, and here we will of course focus on humanity. Humanity-at-large is a scaled down version of the Gaian mind.  Individual humans are scaled down versions of humanity-at-large. Then each individual human mind itself is holographic in nature, each part containing the information of the whole.

Now, at the risk of sounding redundant, for the purpose of ensuring I am making myself clear, let me start at the small scale of an individual mind and work my way up. Each part of an individual human brain is a holographic reflection of the whole human brain, which is a holographic reflection of all of humanity, which reflects Earth in its entirety, which reflects the solar system, which reflects the galaxy, which reflects the universe, which reflects the multi-verse/reality-fabric. All of these scales, and all differentiation at each scale, are manifestations of the most perfect classification system possible, which classifies and then manifests or plays out every single possible variation of the unlimited possibilities conceivable by consciousness. It is entirely creative in its freedom for expression, and it is entirely logical in its perfect method of classification.