There can be little in the way of true communication/connection between an individual of high-level consciousness and a typical larval human. The actions and words of a high-consciousness individual are literally of a much higher vibrational frequency, and when these waves enter into the larval mind, which is of a much slower vibration, SHe is unable to register any real meaning. A confusion arises in hir mind. There are three basic possible responses to this. One is that they will just go along with what you say, because they’re confused and have given up on trying to figure it out. When this occurs, they will likely pretend that they understand, though they are confused inside. Another is that they will simply ignore you. This is because they are uncomfortable with the energies that they are being confronted with, and want to pretend they don’t exist.

It’s interesting to note that though an individual of high-consciousness may be ignored, the individuals ignoring you are intensely aware of you and your energies on the inside, probably more than any other energies around. Your energies are making an incredible impact on them, and yet they are going to do everything they can to ignore them. This takes a lot of effort, and so the higher your energies are, and the more you make your presence felt, the more it will seem that they are blind, or living with their head in the sand, so as to maintain their tunnel-reality. Another possible response is that they will become irrationally emotional, and this will either manifest as them becoming overly defensive or their seeking to project some very negative motivations or implications onto you and what you are saying. Higher energies obliterate the assumptions which lower states of consciousness are based on, and this is very threatening to the larval human. All of their emotional and moralistic fears that have been imprinted into them are triggered, and they will see all of the dire possibilities of these things being violated in you.