The Elements can be broken down into families, and these families are, in truth, a blueprint of Evolution itself. The Periodic Table Of Elements charts the path of all Evolution. We can learn of Evolution, and therefore Consciousness, through emperical study of the Universe. The Elements are a wonderful example of this, and it describes another parallel for the proposed understanding of Reality. Scientifically and technically speaking, the Elements progressively lose electronegativity and increase Ionization Energies. Electronegativity is the tendency to attract electrons into itself. Ionization Energy is the amount of energy required to remove electrons.  This is what happens as you move into higher groups/families of the Periodic Table. This culminates with the Noble Gases, which represent the peak of Evolution as we know it. They have completely negligible electronegativities and very high ionization Energies. This means that an atom of a Noble Gas would be unlikely to gain new Electrons, as well as unlikely to lose them. This resistance to change could be likened to an incredibly deep contentment and confidence, psychologically. It amounts to an extreme capability to allow a very large range on the relative scales of experience and gravity to pass through it, without changing itself.

We can relate this to confidence and apparent passivity. This passiveness is not a result of weakness, but rather the result of the ability to be unmoved despite any range of possible experiences. This means that despite the stillness/passivity of its center, this actually includes the largest range of experience. Scientifically and specifically, all of this is the result of having a completely full valence/outer shell. It has completed its evolution of progressively evolving through various aspects on the ranges of relativity to be found in gravity-fields. Its noble perfection could only come about through perfectly evolving through all previous stages. You cannot fulfill outer layers until you first fill the more inner layers. Through stable filling of more inner layers, outer layers become possible to fill. Now being ‘full’ means to the outermost layer, which is the furthest away from the center point of attraction. ‘Points of attraction’ amount to being an energy source which is orbited around. This is comporable to the Sun of our Solar System, a black hole, or the center of the galaxy. In order to be furthest away from a point of attraction, as with the outer electrons, you must have the lowest gravitational mass. This means gravity works on you less, which is actually the result of your not resisting it. The more resistence there is to gravity, the more it pulls. Evolution is done through evolving into states of less and less resistence.

Electronegativity is the tendency of an atom or a functional group to attract electrons towards themselves. Electronegativity could be interpreted as the tendency of an entity to attract objects of orbit. At a quantum level, this means acquiring electrons and the like to determine the atomic structure. At a galactic level, this amounts to the previously mentioned things; Sun of our solar system, black hole, Galaxy Center. Despite the great discrepency in the relative scale of the two states, it all amounts to the same essential thing. Logically, if this same principle holds at the quantum level and the galactic level, the same principles must hold at the in-between scales, such as planetary and species/human scales. That is to say that if we can truly understand elemental and quantum behavior, in its evolutionary context, we can obtain an incredibly detailed breakdown and psychology for life itself, emperically verifiable at all scales, from quantum to human to galactic. Evolution could be defined as understanding and then utilizing the principles behind all of these states of evolution. The more we understood quantum logic, the more we can personally embody its powerful possibilities. The same is true with the logic of Genetic/Biological Evolution. Through truly having a personal understanding of deeper and deeper levels of reality, you can apply the principles to gain access to their power, which is the result of those principles.