If we come to realize that it is all energy, then all of these various differentiations, such as planetary movement and movement throughout the galaxy, down to quantum events, are just semi-arbitrary ways of looking at our True Nature as Energy. We think of ourselves as being ‘bound to the earth’ in its gravitational field. We do not realize that all mass, and all energy, produces effects in gravity fields. We are interacting in a shared energy field, with our respective energy levels. Brute size plays a part in energy levels, but it in no way is the sole factor. Think of a black hole. A Singularity. These are the most powerful energies there are, and they are very small. Our body is just relative mass in a field of relativistic energy. All size-scales are arbitrary, in the sense that the same principles work at all scales. As the planets do, as quantum particles do, we do.

Your energy level creates a field of consciousness around you, as what one might call ‘gravitational mass.’ This determines the amount of space you get, which determines the range of your consciousness’ ability to work within itself. This aspect of consciousness is a big part of why physics and science has been missing out on some of these things, in its youthful understanding of energy. In our most early stages of understanding energy, in terms of tangible experience, we have mostly saw energy as it directly relates to a physical mass, such as our body. We do not take in the intangible aspects of consciousness, and this causes us to miss the whole thing. Through tapping into the power of our consciousness, we can raise our energies, which affects our range of influence in gravitational fields. We are no way limited by our being ‘organisms’ on a ‘planet.’ We ourselves, just as the planet, are made up of many smaller entities, of different types; the same is true with these smaller entities themselves, as well as with larger scales throughout the Galaxy and Universe. Both of these are arbitrary distinctions based on size, which is relative, and the way we label and conceptualize these things implicitly contain various conclusions within themselves, none of which have any basis in reality, other than the results of our own point of view.