Think of your true fantasies. Your absolute ideal life circumstances and experiences. Try to actually imagine experiencing these things. In all likelihood, there will arise a certain confusion inside of you. This is because that which we can truly understand without confusion is just a step or so away from where we currently are. When we think of our ideal reality, we have not considered certain smaller yet fundamental changes which would have to come first, and so we get confused when thinking of the ideal, since we have not considered these developments. Again, the point here is not to point out an ‘impossibility’ of these fantasies just happening. It is moreso about being able to appreciate it.

Now think of a positive improvement in your life that is not so dramatic. Something relevant to your life right now, that would make you really happy if it would happen. Now imagine that happening. Feel the joy it would bring you. Now think of that ‘small’ step that would bring you that joy, and compare it to your ideal fantasy. In all likelihood, if you are being honest about your ideal fantasy, that small thing is quite a small step in comparison to your true ideal fantasy. Now re-imagine your ideal fantasy, and try to feel the happiness of having it happen. In all likelihood, the difference in the level of happiness between the two is nowhere near proportional to the difference there is in terms of improvement of life circumstances. Let’s say the ‘minor’ thing that would bring you so much happiness is 1% of the greatness that is your ideal fantasy. And yet it makes you, let’s say, 90% as happy to think about as your ideal fantasy.

Now let us analyze this. Let us devize a system where each ‘step’ between now and your ideal reality represents 1% of the path, since that is the figure we developed previously in terms of the smaller step in relation to it. Let us call this percentage point simply a ‘point.’ Let us say that each point represents the amount of happiness you felt when imagining that ‘small’ thing going your way. If you were to go through a sequential development of improvement of life circumstances, in this case consisting of 100 steps between where you are now and your ideal reality, you would experience 100 happiness points. If you were to jump directly from where you are now to your ideal reality, in sticking with the previous outline figure where the ‘small step’ gave you 90% of the happiness of your ideal reality, you would experience about 1.11 happiness points. So you see, experiencing and recognizing the value of every step in between where you are now and your ideal reality is necessary both in order to understand how your ideal reality can come about, as well as to maximize the happiness derived from the process. In additional to all of this, it makes the actual achievement of your ideal reality all the better. This is because by going through the process, you learn to appreciate many smaller details that compose your ultimate ideal reality. Through doing this, you can truly understand WHY your ideal reality is so great, and thus fully appreciate it when it comes about.