Consider the relativity in looking at things in terms of ‘self’ and ‘others’. ‘Self’ is entirely relative to your point of view, as is others. From the ‘others’ point of view, they are self, and you are other. One way of expressing this is that every ‘person’ in your reality is self, which we could re-state as every ‘person’ in your reality is you, if we are able to see things clearly without limiting egoistic notions. Compare this to the ‘golden rule,’ treat others how you would like to be treated. You cannot directly control the way the external acts towards you, you can only control the way you act towards the external. From the perspective of the external, the way you act towards it is the way the external acts towards it. You are its external. Therefore, if we are to look at life objectively, in light of the previously established relativity, we could say that life is a reciprocal process. You are the external to your external, and so the way you treat it is the way it will treat you.

It seems logical to take this approach. Make two conscious decisions. First of all, make the decision that you are going to absolutely accept whatever the external brings you, and go right into it without resistence. Second of all, make the decision that you are not going to worry about yourself in any way, and your only priority will be to help others to be happy and fulfilled. Logically, this will reflect back to you. If you do not take this approach, in light of what I have previously outlined, what is the result? The external to your external, you, is more concerned about hir own happiness than its happiness. So from that perspective, the external is not entirely concerned with the subject’s well-being. Here YOU are the external, and your external is the subject. This means that relative to you and your experience, the external will not be entirely concerned with your well being. Through making others’ well-being your sole priority, and cultivating unconditional love and compassion, this will allow the external to facilitate your own well-being and joy effortlessly, because you will be making no effort towards your own well-being, but the external will naturally facilitate it through its reflection process. The attitude that you cultivate towards the external is the attitude the external will reflect back at you. Be what you want to see.