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Despite tribulations and momentary sadness
I remain an unapologetic optimist
Starry-Eyed idealism fills the core of my being
Eyes fixed to the sky
Dreaming of Utopia

Last night I was looking through my mini-book, and there is this image that is sort of 5 images in one. One of them says “Post-Terrestrials” and it’s a guy standing there with all sorts of crazy stuff in the sky. I began to wonder if it were possible for “Post-Terrestrials,” or individuals who have activated higher circuits of consciousness than is typical among humanity, to have that kind of impact over the actual environment. The power to make crazy things actually happen in the sky and with the world. I then remembered my previous experiences of high-consciousness, and how it seemed like crazy shit just followed me everywhere. Let me preface my retelling of this incident by saying that it seems that I have been doing better and better with my consciousness recently, and I have been having a fairly insane amount of synchronicity(now, synchronicity has been the norm for me for a while, so I don’t even consider it to be that unusual anymore, but the frequency has certainly been increasing again as of late).

Earlier today I was going to the gym, and I was thinking about my consciousness bringing about unusual/awesome things in the sky, trying to imagine it happening. Then, when I was driving home, that is exactly what happened. This thing shot downwards through the sky, and it was star-shaped, as in how you would draw a star. It was flashing bright neon green and red(those are the colors I saw, anyways, in the brief time that I saw it), and seemed to be emitting sparks; it seemed more energetic than physical. I was with my dad at the time, who is not the type to think about things outside of normal thoughts, and even he could provide no explanation as to what it was. I tried, and have continued to try, to think of any alternative explanation as to what it could have been, besides a UFO; I can not think of anything. So this was an amazing experience, and “coincidentally” coincided with the exact time that I was thinking about this sort of thing happening, providing another amazing synchronicity.

A Raindrop’s Journey

A raindrop falls from the sky
He journeys, knowing only that he is a drop
He approaches death, preparing for non-existence
The end comes with a splash
He is the ocean