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Pay attention to the emotions that you feel, the resulting actions, and the overall results in your life. At the outset, do not repress negative emotions, if you do not truly understand their harm. This will just move them into the subconscious, where they will, in a subtle way, be within everything that you do, and will gain power over time. So the idea, at least at first, is not to force a change within yourself. Rather, the idea is to pay close attention to what you feel, what you do as a result, and what happens as a result. Simply be aware, pay attention. If you do this, you will undoubtedly see the destruction in negative emotions.

You get angry, your anger comes out in your words and actions, conflict results, and then you are left feeling even worse than at first. Only when you can see this, truly see this with clarity, can you begin to enact real change within yourself. When you can see the harm, both internal and external, that results from negative emotions, abandoning negativity is no longer an issue of moral obligation. It is simply a pragmatic approach based on rational observation. Simple harm reduction, not only for others but for yourself. Now when you see these same negative emotions arising in yourself, emotions that you have seen the negative results that follow, you can logically see that it is best not to act on them. I am not speaking of repression here, as the results I am speaking of cannot come about through repression, but rather true understanding.

Now when these emotions arise, the focus shifts to understanding, rather than reactionary expression. If you are able to apply the knowledge you have gained to this arising of negative emotions, the fire behind it should already begin to cool. You will likely still feel some negativity, and that is ok, in fact it is good for now, but you will have more control. Your rational mind will be functioning again. Now you should be with your emotions, not try to escape them. Rather, your approach should be not to act outwardly based on these emotions, which would only serve to keep that cycle of unwanted negativity in motion. You may feel some negativity, but you now know that acting on it will only make you feel worse in the end, and ultimately you want to transcend these unwanted emotions.

“I’m so happy, cuz today I found my friends, they’re in my head” – Nirvana(Lithium)

Specific people are not particularly important. They are only significant for what categories they represent, and these categories are projections, ‘in your head.’ If you can come to understand the categories of the people in your life, or the people you wish to be in your life, specifics become less and less important. WHY are the people in your life important? WHY do you want the people, or sorts of people, to be in your life, or play whatever role you would like them to play? Any answer you give could be re-stated through the usage of categories. There are MANY people in this world who could fit these basic categories that you are, in truth, looking for, but getting caught up in a specific manifestation of. Understand this.

Understand that it is certain CATEGORIES of personality, physical features, or experiences that you are looking for. Understand that these categories are not particularly unique. If you can truly see this, that itself can give you a whole new outlook on life. Now that you can see this, ask yourself if these categories are absolutely true in an objective sense, or if they are subjective, and based on your own viewpoint? Their subjectivity should become clear, if you are able to see beyond ego-lenses. This means that they are your own projections. You’ve created this classification system, that does not inherently exist in reality. You’re projecting these things onto your environment, and its inhabitants.

Do you notice how certain patterns repeat in your reality, how the same types of people continuously appear? This is because of your own categorization, that inevitably results in them. Change your classification system, change your reality. What do your friends, or anything or anyone that you enjoy in your reality, really represent? Categories. Where do these categories originate? Your mind. So relax. It’s all in your head. Your classifications will inevitably manifest in your reality, and through changing them, the manifestations that appear in your reality will change as well. “I’m so happy, cuz today I found my friends, they’re in my head.”

Imagine one wave that is of a high vibrational frequency, and another that is of a lower frequency. Imagine that both of these waves take up the same space. If you were to trace the motion of the higher-frequency wave, you would find that it intersected with the lower-frequency wave during a certain fraction of its own motion. Let’s say 10%, but the specific number is arbitrary and irrelevent. If we consider that energy travels through discrete jumps between information bits, we can say that the slower wave intersects 10% of the information that composes, or is produced by, the higher-frequency energy-source. To further our understanding of the ideas being proposed, let us also consider that information bits are absolutely raw and pure; this means that the way that information is actually perceived is entirely relative to the consciousness, or energies, of the individual who is perceiving it. In other words, this raw information DOES exist, in reality, but any perception of it an individual might have is constructed by hir own individual mind.

Now given this energetic nature of everything, let us say that an individual reality is its own basic energy-frequency, and it is populated by individuals, things, and perceptions that are consistent with that frequency. Given this nature of reality, let us say that the high-frequency energy wave previously spoken of is a very advanced reality, in terms of its levels of consciousness or in whatever sense resonates best with you. This reality would be populated by individuals of this same level, and they would be engaging in activities and producing things that were also of that same level. Remember that this reality takes up the same space as the lower frequency reality, as these different realities are simply the different energy-frequencies I originally spoke of. Sticking with the arbitrary difference of frequency I chose earlier, 90% of their activity would be essentially invisible to inhabitants of the lower frequency reality. It would be impossible to register in the mind of an individual who was of that lower frequency. First let this fully register in your mind, and then let’s move on to the logical consequence of this, which is found within that point but must be considered separately from it. 10% of their activity, or the information found within this reality, would be visible to this lower frequency reality.

Now remember, this information would be absolutely raw and pure; HOW it manifested in an individual’s reality would be entirely dependent on hir own mind. In our terms, it might come through as certain songs and musicians and their music videos. This is if we’re looking at it in terms of music, which I feel is a very significant way of looking at all of this, because it is so directly energy, in that the songs are sound-waves, and the music videos are light-waves. In another sense, it might manifest as some author, or even some random person online(). The point being, this 10%, or whatever the case may be, of information that drips down to you from these higher-vibrational realities will manifest in whatever way makes the most sense to you, in terms of your own view of reality. If you don’t pay attention, you might not even notice it at all. This information would essentially come from this higher-vibrational reality, and could be looked at as a transmission to you and your reality from that reality. It may be useful to think of higher-vibrational realities as future realities, and you could then look at these transmissions as messages from the future leaking into your past reality, calling you to itself. Since time itself is relative, your ability to soak in and integrate these transmissions would chart your potential course to these realities, and how much ‘time’ it would take to get there. The more you allow yourself to integrate these vibrations, the more things that are of that frequency could come into your reality, and the closer you could get to that reality.

The Message: Advanced future realities are calling out to you. They are attraction points, and they are attempting to draw you into themselves. Pay attention, and trek the course to these wonderful realities that await.

The basic function of the self is to find problems, or imperfections. Therefore, self-hood invariably results in anxiety. This is really an issue of identification, because if you can look at it from a perspective that is free of identification, you could re-state, in another way, that the function of the self is to innovate and find improvements. This non-self, the Ocean which the self is a drop within, benefits from the anxiety and dissatisfaction created by the infinite variations of self-hood, by means of its experiencing all of the innovations and improvements created by the various selfs within its Self, being unattached to it all. The Ocean experiences the solution within every problem. The separate self, however, moves from one dissatisfaction to another. It creates a dilemma, and then either solves it or does not solve it. If it is not solved, you will either continue to dwell on it, or that problem will instead become a dissatisfaction within your subconscious, and your conscious mind will find a new problem to worry about. If it is solved, your mind will seek out new imperfections, and the process will repeat. Ultimately, the problem of never-ending anxiety comes back to the self. The self, by its nature, can never be satisfied. It must be given up, but this is not a negation. Rather, this is fulfillment beyond the capabilities of the self.

The self seeks to possess. But a thing can only possess something smaller than it. We must, instead, be possessed by something much larger than us. Call this God, call this Love, or call this the Ocean which we are but one drop within. Whatever you want to call it, dissolve yourself within it, and be taken over completely by it. Let no remnants of your self remain. When you are dissolved, you are still not the whole ocean; where, then, will you go? The energies, or the water droplets, sort themselves out perfectly, without each individual drop needing to do anything. The drop trying to do something, in fact, puts it in disharmony with the whole ocean. You cannot be fulfilled when you are in disharmony with the whole. When the self is dissolved in the ocean, when your energies become a part of an infinitely flowing energy-field, you become a part of an incredible harmony, and the whole sorts you perfectly within itself. This leads to fulfillment beyond what you are capable of, or can even conceive of really. There is no need for fear of losing the things which you perceive to be desirable functions of the Self; when you allow yourself to be possessed and sorted by the whole, it naturally aligns you according to your True Will. Your True Will is in line with the whole, and it is what you REALLY want anyways; it is better than the ideas conceived of by your self, or ego. But only when you are out of the way can your True Will come to fruition.

Relative Energy

If we come to realize that it is all energy, then all of these various differentiations, such as planetary movement and movement throughout the galaxy, down to quantum events, are just semi-arbitrary ways of looking at our True Nature as Energy. We think of ourselves as being ‘bound to the earth’ in its gravitational field. We do not realize that all mass, and all energy, produces effects in gravity fields. We are interacting in a shared energy field, with our respective energy levels. Brute size plays a part in energy levels, but it in no way is the sole factor. Think of a black hole. A Singularity. These are the most powerful energies there are, and they are very small. Our body is just relative mass in a field of relativistic energy. All size-scales are arbitrary, in the sense that the same principles work at all scales. As the planets do, as quantum particles do, we do.

Your energy level creates a field of consciousness around you, as what one might call ‘gravitational mass.’ This determines the amount of space you get, which determines the range of your consciousness’ ability to work within itself. This aspect of consciousness is a big part of why physics and science has been missing out on some of these things, in its youthful understanding of energy. In our most early stages of understanding energy, in terms of tangible experience, we have mostly saw energy as it directly relates to a physical mass, such as our body. We do not take in the intangible aspects of consciousness, and this causes us to miss the whole thing. Through tapping into the power of our consciousness, we can raise our energies, which affects our range of influence in gravitational fields. We are no way limited by our being ‘organisms’ on a ‘planet.’ We ourselves, just as the planet, are made up of many smaller entities, of different types; the same is true with these smaller entities themselves, as well as with larger scales throughout the Galaxy and Universe. Both of these are arbitrary distinctions based on size, which is relative, and the way we label and conceptualize these things implicitly contain various conclusions within themselves, none of which have any basis in reality, other than the results of our own point of view.

The essence of life, in physical-energetic terms, is electrical-chemical reactions. Reality is constructed, and organisms interact through, chemical interactions charged by electricity. This entire world of sensory-chemical information is generally ignored, and left to the subconscious mind. It is within the range of our total consciousness, though; we can become perceptive to this world. You must pay careful attention to all sensory perceptions and internal or external feelings. Through noticing more and more subtle interactions among these things, you will become perceptive to this communication network. It exists within yourself, with other humans, as well as with the plant world. You can now take in, interpret, or send out energy-tones. This will create the ‘life’ or characteristics, of your internal programming.

The Elements can be broken down into families, and these families are, in truth, a blueprint of Evolution itself. The Periodic Table Of Elements charts the path of all Evolution. We can learn of Evolution, and therefore Consciousness, through emperical study of the Universe. The Elements are a wonderful example of this, and it describes another parallel for the proposed understanding of Reality. Scientifically and technically speaking, the Elements progressively lose electronegativity and increase Ionization Energies. Electronegativity is the tendency to attract electrons into itself. Ionization Energy is the amount of energy required to remove electrons.  This is what happens as you move into higher groups/families of the Periodic Table. This culminates with the Noble Gases, which represent the peak of Evolution as we know it. They have completely negligible electronegativities and very high ionization Energies. This means that an atom of a Noble Gas would be unlikely to gain new Electrons, as well as unlikely to lose them. This resistance to change could be likened to an incredibly deep contentment and confidence, psychologically. It amounts to an extreme capability to allow a very large range on the relative scales of experience and gravity to pass through it, without changing itself.

We can relate this to confidence and apparent passivity. This passiveness is not a result of weakness, but rather the result of the ability to be unmoved despite any range of possible experiences. This means that despite the stillness/passivity of its center, this actually includes the largest range of experience. Scientifically and specifically, all of this is the result of having a completely full valence/outer shell. It has completed its evolution of progressively evolving through various aspects on the ranges of relativity to be found in gravity-fields. Its noble perfection could only come about through perfectly evolving through all previous stages. You cannot fulfill outer layers until you first fill the more inner layers. Through stable filling of more inner layers, outer layers become possible to fill. Now being ‘full’ means to the outermost layer, which is the furthest away from the center point of attraction. ‘Points of attraction’ amount to being an energy source which is orbited around. This is comporable to the Sun of our Solar System, a black hole, or the center of the galaxy. In order to be furthest away from a point of attraction, as with the outer electrons, you must have the lowest gravitational mass. This means gravity works on you less, which is actually the result of your not resisting it. The more resistence there is to gravity, the more it pulls. Evolution is done through evolving into states of less and less resistence.

Electronegativity is the tendency of an atom or a functional group to attract electrons towards themselves. Electronegativity could be interpreted as the tendency of an entity to attract objects of orbit. At a quantum level, this means acquiring electrons and the like to determine the atomic structure. At a galactic level, this amounts to the previously mentioned things; Sun of our solar system, black hole, Galaxy Center. Despite the great discrepency in the relative scale of the two states, it all amounts to the same essential thing. Logically, if this same principle holds at the quantum level and the galactic level, the same principles must hold at the in-between scales, such as planetary and species/human scales. That is to say that if we can truly understand elemental and quantum behavior, in its evolutionary context, we can obtain an incredibly detailed breakdown and psychology for life itself, emperically verifiable at all scales, from quantum to human to galactic. Evolution could be defined as understanding and then utilizing the principles behind all of these states of evolution. The more we understood quantum logic, the more we can personally embody its powerful possibilities. The same is true with the logic of Genetic/Biological Evolution. Through truly having a personal understanding of deeper and deeper levels of reality, you can apply the principles to gain access to their power, which is the result of those principles.

There can be little in the way of true communication/connection between an individual of high-level consciousness and a typical larval human. The actions and words of a high-consciousness individual are literally of a much higher vibrational frequency, and when these waves enter into the larval mind, which is of a much slower vibration, SHe is unable to register any real meaning. A confusion arises in hir mind. There are three basic possible responses to this. One is that they will just go along with what you say, because they’re confused and have given up on trying to figure it out. When this occurs, they will likely pretend that they understand, though they are confused inside. Another is that they will simply ignore you. This is because they are uncomfortable with the energies that they are being confronted with, and want to pretend they don’t exist.

It’s interesting to note that though an individual of high-consciousness may be ignored, the individuals ignoring you are intensely aware of you and your energies on the inside, probably more than any other energies around. Your energies are making an incredible impact on them, and yet they are going to do everything they can to ignore them. This takes a lot of effort, and so the higher your energies are, and the more you make your presence felt, the more it will seem that they are blind, or living with their head in the sand, so as to maintain their tunnel-reality. Another possible response is that they will become irrationally emotional, and this will either manifest as them becoming overly defensive or their seeking to project some very negative motivations or implications onto you and what you are saying. Higher energies obliterate the assumptions which lower states of consciousness are based on, and this is very threatening to the larval human. All of their emotional and moralistic fears that have been imprinted into them are triggered, and they will see all of the dire possibilities of these things being violated in you.

The holographic nature of mind is not only to be found within the individual mind, but in fact can be found within the fabric of reality itself, which is ultimately of the nature of consciousness. From this essential holographic energy-field of all of reality, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, representing different variations of individuality and so forth, each piece containing the information of all. There are many levels to this breaking down, but most of it will likely be deemed arbitrary to the terrestrial mind who has never left hir home-planet, nor has likely even seriously thought about it. It is likely impossible to give a perfectly adequate breakdown of this, but we may say the “complete” and pure hologram is, as previously mentioned, the essence of reality itself that permeates a perhaps infinite multi-verse. This then breaks down into the individual universes, the incredible amount of galaxies within a universe, the incredible amount of solar systems within the galaxies, and then to the incredible amount of planets within the solar systems. From the planetary level and downard, we can begin to speak of classifications of the way this hologram breaks down that would really register significant meaning within the human mind.

The planet in its entirety would be one scale of the hologram, in which all life on the planet shared this information. All life on Earth, then, would be representative of the same exact energy-field, or range of information. Just to make sure I am clear, this unified energy/information field of Earth would be a scaled down version of the same field that exists as the solar system, which is scaled down from the galaxy, which is scaled down from the universe, which is scaled down from the multiverse/reality-fabric. No matter what scale you look, you will find “different” representations of the same thing. Anyways, back to planetary talk. As I said, all life on the planet would be representative of the same energy-information field. This means all of the different species are simply categories in the Gain mind, but all sharing that same mind. Now we can look at the species level, and here we will of course focus on humanity. Humanity-at-large is a scaled down version of the Gaian mind.  Individual humans are scaled down versions of humanity-at-large. Then each individual human mind itself is holographic in nature, each part containing the information of the whole.

Now, at the risk of sounding redundant, for the purpose of ensuring I am making myself clear, let me start at the small scale of an individual mind and work my way up. Each part of an individual human brain is a holographic reflection of the whole human brain, which is a holographic reflection of all of humanity, which reflects Earth in its entirety, which reflects the solar system, which reflects the galaxy, which reflects the universe, which reflects the multi-verse/reality-fabric. All of these scales, and all differentiation at each scale, are manifestations of the most perfect classification system possible, which classifies and then manifests or plays out every single possible variation of the unlimited possibilities conceivable by consciousness. It is entirely creative in its freedom for expression, and it is entirely logical in its perfect method of classification.

We may categorize two basic types of energies. These are internal energies and external energies. Internal energies are cultivated through non-intention, whereas external energies are cultivated through intention. There is an inverse relationship between these two types of energies; as one increases, the other decreases. Each of these energies correspond to their own timelines, or experience over time. Internal energies correspond to an internal experience of time, and external energies correspond to an external experience of time. As an energy level is increased, its related experience of time slows down, and vice-versa. This idea of higher energies corresponding to a slowing down of time is consistent with Einstein’s theory of relativity. In Einstein’s equations and theories, time is relative, as is everything else. Time, here, is relative to the speed of the object that we are gauging the time of in relation to the speed of light. The nearer the speed of light, or in other words the faster its movement, the slower the passage of time. Higher energies could also be termed higher vibrational frequencies, which demonstrates more directly the consistency of what I am presenting with relativity.

As described earlier, an increase to internal energies brings about a slowing of internal time, which also results in increased magnetism. Slowing down of internal time corresponds to an increase to the amount of signals registered by your conscious mind within the body. As you become aware of, and can feel, more energies within the body, your individual-subjective perception of time slows down. As internal time is slowed through an increasing of internal energies, the corresponding decrease of external energies brings about an increased speed in the passing of external time. This is explained through the principle of magnetism already described. With an increase in internal energies comes increased magnetism, which makes you more attractive to the external reality. External time is measured according to perceived frequency of external possibility. This increase in magnetism leads to an increased frequency of perceived external possibility, which is the cause of the necessary increase in external time associated with lower levels of external energy.

This process is reciprocal and exponential, because as you witness this increased rate of the functioning of the external reality occurring, it becomes easier to cultivate internal energies. Through this process, you will become less and less attracted to any one particular thing. You can look at this energetically as well as psychologically. Energetically speaking, the external will be approaching you in the same way you as an individual might approach the external, as described above. You will, therefore, naturally feel some sense of repulsion to it, as was the case of the previous scenario which was simply reversed; this repulsion may be felt as true repulsion or something nearer to indifference. Psychologically speaking, you may find that much of your former attraction to specific things was actually the result of a sense of lack, and a seeming incapability of getting the things you really wanted. You therefore became overly attached to some specific things, that likely weren’t even close to your true ideal. It is very difficult for us to even conceive of our ideals until we believe that we can have what we want. When we see that this is possible, then we can start thinking seriously about what it is that we actually want. This also contributes to the exponential nature of this process, because as you witness how it works, your energy levels continuously increase along with an increase of your realization of the possibilities.