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There are four layers of the one mind, the one consciousness. By descending through these four levels, you eventually get material reality from the realm of infinity. The Jewish Qabalists called these layers the four worlds. They are, truly, as four realms of existence. I will explain these four worlds, including the qabalistic names for them, as well as some correspondences to elucidate the meaning. Note that these exist in a wide-scale, as in the creation of the entire universe. Yet, simultaneously, it is possible to note this process occurring within yourself. The entire pattern, or process, of creation is going on within yourself, right now. You must simply learn to become aware of the process as it occurs.

In order from deepest level to most surface level…

1. Qabalists called this the world of atzilut, meaning ‘eminated from,’ as in eminated from the Infinite. This is also called the archetypal world. It represents the collective unconscious, the sum of all the archetypes, the shared, essential elements of experience. This is a masculine principle; it represents stillness. This is because it does not change. This is the Y of the tetragrammaton, most holy name of god in the hebrew tradition: YHWH.

This is yud, ‘Y’

2. This is called the world of b’riah, creation. This represents the soul. Alternatively, this represents the individual subconscious. This is one individual arrangement of the archetypes. This represents the feminine principle. It is the first H of the tetragrammaton.
This is heh, ‘H’

This is called yitzirah, the world of formation. It is said that in this world, concrete plans of creation are made, concrete steps to manifestation. It is also said that emotional involvement occurs at this stage. This represents the conscious mind. It is the essential premise, or assumption, behind any experience. It is the imminent potential for experience, or perception. You could also say this represents the ‘medium’ behind Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase, “The medium is the message.” This is the W of the tetragrammaton.
This is vav, originally ‘waw,’ W.

4. This is called the world of assiyah, action. This represents physical reality, material existence. It is called ‘The Kingdom.’ At this level there is apparently total independence. This is the ultimate goal, or purpose, of creation. This is the ego. It manifests as external ‘things,’ or as self-driven actions. It is the message in McLuhan’s “The medium is the message.” This is the 2nd H of YHWH.

This is the tetractys, mystical shape of Pythagoreas. It is represented using the four letters of YHWH, though. The top point represents the first world, the collective unconscious, and working your way down is working your way towards the most surface level of consciousness. Notice how the letter of each of the worlds is added onto the existing one each level down, but the existing letter remains. This is because the influence of the previous ‘letter,’ or world, or level of consciousness, continues to have its impact on each level down. And yet it moves more into the background at that level.

For things to flow smoothly, efficiently, and desirably, each level must have a trust in the level above it. This is because any given level is a limited selection of the options presented at the higher level. Ego is a selection, an identification, of the possibilities generated by the essential premise of the conscious mind. Similarly, the premise of the conscious mind is a singular manifestation of the wider pattern of elements that is the individual sub-conscious. The individual subconscious is one possible arrangement of the archetypes, the elements in the collective unconscious. By definition, then, no level can ever know more than, or even as much as, the level above it. Thus if one acts without trusting the level above, confusion inevitably follows.

I would like to propose a theory about the structure of reality. I was just inspired of it, and instinctually it seems very exciting to me. It unites the fractal theory of the Universe with wave-particle duality, the knowledge of left-right brain hemispheres, and the idea of the Universe as Information. I am personally very excited about this right now, but this may be an example of something that is difficult to properly communicate the signifiance of. Lol. We will see. Plus it is quite long, so there is that. I wanted to make a visual model to help illustrate exactly what I am talking about, but I found that was not going to be a task I could do so quickly and easily. Therefore, I decided against, and to just continue my writing. Hopefully this will interest some, anyways. lol.


If you look deeply, you will see that the wave-particle duality mirrors a duality within our own brain, the duality of the left and right hemispheres. First let me propose a visual description of this concept. This can be seen as the operating ‘formula’ behind reality, creating all aspects of reality, at all scales. It is, of course, not limited to this visual-model, but to understand the correspondance between all of this you will have to understand the underlying principle.


To make the principle more clear, I am going to begin with linear, left-hemisphere, ‘particle-reality’ explanation. It seems, to me, arbitrary to try to find what comes ‘first,’ or is ‘more real,’ particle or wave. They are mutually dependent. So we will imagine a single particle, or a single dot in empty space. Consider the particle going ‘down’ and ‘to the right’ a certain amount of distance(there is, of course, no ‘up-down’ or ‘left-right’ in empty space, but we use this phrasing to assist in understanding). After this, it would return backwards in one of the initial planes, or dimensions, and continue in the same direction in the other. So, supposing the first movement was down and to the right, the next would be back up, and still to the right. At each point where the motion changed directions, a new particle is created.


It continues this process, each path being exactly equal in terms of distance and spatial relationships. It would do this until it reached the end of its ‘field,’ or the boundaries of what ‘it’ is, which most generally be defined by the ‘observer,’ or the linear-model imposed upon it. This linear-model would impose the general ‘system,’ in terms of material appearance, and the distinctions between the various ‘things.’ Once it reached this end, it would go directly up or down, whichever created a straight line in closure. It would then repeat the exact same process in reverse, down and to the left. Once it reached the end, you would have a series of particles/dots in a straight lines defining the ‘top’ and ‘bottom.’ To give a description of a visual depiction of this particular part of the process, let me mention the infinity sign. Suppose that you viewed the infinity sign in terms of a dot at every change of motion. Notice how it creates a close-system, whereby you can continuously repeat this process of motion. That is not exactly the same, but it helps you to understand.


Upon the completion of this, it would repeat the process, only this time going exactly half the distance horizontally. It would go right then left, creating another perfect creation of equi-distant lines defining the top and bottom, this time each point having half the distance. It could theoretically repeat this process ad-infinitum, creating a more and more complex, and more and more ‘dense,’ or ‘subtle’ system. The model composed after each left-right rundown could be seen as its own ‘dimension,’ or ‘scale’ of reality. The ‘reality’ of what is ‘really there’ would be an incomprehensibly complex pattern of particles, getting infinitely more complex as it continuously repeats this basic pattern, which defines its organizational structure. One could only possibly perceive the system to the capabilities of his own mind to organize the material. The infinite repetition of the pattern would not be recognized by the observer. It would be seen only to the degree of subtlety capable of being perceived by the mind of the observer. This would imply his degree to create meaningful distinctions, and he would organize the scale he was able to perceive according to his own pre-defined models or maps.


Now let me explain how this ties into the wave-model of the Unvierse. As I said, the particle-model just provides an understandable baseline for physical reality. Every single particle in this logical-model for particle-distribution would emit its own energies,  and the energies of each of these particles would interact with each other to create an even more(much more) complex model of what is there. Note that the observer is an integral part to this process. Through observation, information is created about the available data of mass and energy, particle and wave. The particles and waves, then, are organized according to the modeling of this information, provided by the observer. Thus you can see the usefulness of this model of reality, as it unites many of the exciting new theories about reality. This can be seen as a mathematical fractal pattern repeating, creating the infinite depth of matter and energy.  Beyond this, the observer, consciousness, is an essential part, for it must compute the available Information; Information is the essence of the Universe.