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Neurologically speaking, dopamine and serotonin are two of the primary NeuroTransmitters. Really Neuro-Psychology is a complex game, involving many potential variables and interactive mechanisms. Nonetheless, I am writing this to provide some basic NeuroLogical structure to this common knowledge of the brain, and the nervous system.

Now, let us explore the repetition of habit vs. novelty, and our pursuit and avoidance of each. These basic principles would hold true in both spatial and temporal dimensions. Dopamine, Dopa, sets off our projected fulfillment mechanisms. Based on past conditioning, we create an ‘object’ or ‘process’ to associate with the essential want or need that we feel. When we see a girl who we find attractive, we begin getting excited. We have been conditioned to be attracted to this ‘object’, or ‘process,’ and the dopamine starts going off when it is perceived as being possible.

Now, Serotonin is designed to associate with actual experiences of pleasure. When you are actually being fulfilled in your desires, the serotonin starts flowing. Now, you may perceive something you desire, and start using up some Dopamine. But if you are not being fulfilled, not getting that Serotonin kick, you’re gonna trend towards what they call ‘novelty addiction.’ Novelty is basically good, it is only ‘bad’ when we cannot be fulfilled in our desires. Thus the push is to deny our desires, rather increase the potential for fulfilling those desires. This is where we go wrong as a society. And, looking at these basic principles of Neuro-Psychology, we can describe its process and reasoning intelligently and specifically.

I would like to propose a theory about the structure of reality. I was just inspired of it, and instinctually it seems very exciting to me. It unites the fractal theory of the Universe with wave-particle duality, the knowledge of left-right brain hemispheres, and the idea of the Universe as Information. I am personally very excited about this right now, but this may be an example of something that is difficult to properly communicate the signifiance of. Lol. We will see. Plus it is quite long, so there is that. I wanted to make a visual model to help illustrate exactly what I am talking about, but I found that was not going to be a task I could do so quickly and easily. Therefore, I decided against, and to just continue my writing. Hopefully this will interest some, anyways. lol.


If you look deeply, you will see that the wave-particle duality mirrors a duality within our own brain, the duality of the left and right hemispheres. First let me propose a visual description of this concept. This can be seen as the operating ‘formula’ behind reality, creating all aspects of reality, at all scales. It is, of course, not limited to this visual-model, but to understand the correspondance between all of this you will have to understand the underlying principle.


To make the principle more clear, I am going to begin with linear, left-hemisphere, ‘particle-reality’ explanation. It seems, to me, arbitrary to try to find what comes ‘first,’ or is ‘more real,’ particle or wave. They are mutually dependent. So we will imagine a single particle, or a single dot in empty space. Consider the particle going ‘down’ and ‘to the right’ a certain amount of distance(there is, of course, no ‘up-down’ or ‘left-right’ in empty space, but we use this phrasing to assist in understanding). After this, it would return backwards in one of the initial planes, or dimensions, and continue in the same direction in the other. So, supposing the first movement was down and to the right, the next would be back up, and still to the right. At each point where the motion changed directions, a new particle is created.


It continues this process, each path being exactly equal in terms of distance and spatial relationships. It would do this until it reached the end of its ‘field,’ or the boundaries of what ‘it’ is, which most generally be defined by the ‘observer,’ or the linear-model imposed upon it. This linear-model would impose the general ‘system,’ in terms of material appearance, and the distinctions between the various ‘things.’ Once it reached this end, it would go directly up or down, whichever created a straight line in closure. It would then repeat the exact same process in reverse, down and to the left. Once it reached the end, you would have a series of particles/dots in a straight lines defining the ‘top’ and ‘bottom.’ To give a description of a visual depiction of this particular part of the process, let me mention the infinity sign. Suppose that you viewed the infinity sign in terms of a dot at every change of motion. Notice how it creates a close-system, whereby you can continuously repeat this process of motion. That is not exactly the same, but it helps you to understand.


Upon the completion of this, it would repeat the process, only this time going exactly half the distance horizontally. It would go right then left, creating another perfect creation of equi-distant lines defining the top and bottom, this time each point having half the distance. It could theoretically repeat this process ad-infinitum, creating a more and more complex, and more and more ‘dense,’ or ‘subtle’ system. The model composed after each left-right rundown could be seen as its own ‘dimension,’ or ‘scale’ of reality. The ‘reality’ of what is ‘really there’ would be an incomprehensibly complex pattern of particles, getting infinitely more complex as it continuously repeats this basic pattern, which defines its organizational structure. One could only possibly perceive the system to the capabilities of his own mind to organize the material. The infinite repetition of the pattern would not be recognized by the observer. It would be seen only to the degree of subtlety capable of being perceived by the mind of the observer. This would imply his degree to create meaningful distinctions, and he would organize the scale he was able to perceive according to his own pre-defined models or maps.


Now let me explain how this ties into the wave-model of the Unvierse. As I said, the particle-model just provides an understandable baseline for physical reality. Every single particle in this logical-model for particle-distribution would emit its own energies,  and the energies of each of these particles would interact with each other to create an even more(much more) complex model of what is there. Note that the observer is an integral part to this process. Through observation, information is created about the available data of mass and energy, particle and wave. The particles and waves, then, are organized according to the modeling of this information, provided by the observer. Thus you can see the usefulness of this model of reality, as it unites many of the exciting new theories about reality. This can be seen as a mathematical fractal pattern repeating, creating the infinite depth of matter and energy.  Beyond this, the observer, consciousness, is an essential part, for it must compute the available Information; Information is the essence of the Universe.

I think it is only fair to first explain the perspective that is driving me to seek, and is guiding the process of, this interpretation. I believe that DNA, the source of all life, is a higher intelligence, or a message left from a higher intelligence. It codes all life, and life itself is the message. It is the expression of a higher intelligence. All of the religions, the philosophies, the stories, the poems, the art, and various cultural expressions, are coded messages from this intelligence that we call DNA, as mediated by the nervous system, itself designed by this higher intelligence. I decided there must certainly be a hidden message in the biblical story of creation, just waiting to be decoded. As I began, it was just like that. A coded message, which my brain was to decode. This is my transmission then, as mediator between the Genetic-Intelligence, which one may not unjustifiably call God, and you. I am the mediator in that the biblical story of creation is a coded message from DNA, and I am going to help decode it.

Verse 1: ‘Created Heaven and Earth’: Heaven representing the higher, divine, evolved principle. Earth representing the lower, base, primitive principle. ‘Lower, base, primitive’ may seem to imply something less than the other principle, but these are just metaphor. If you understand the signal, the meaning, these words won’t confuse you.

Verse 2: ‘Earth without form and void’: The lower principle exists originally as pure potential, the Unmanifest. Kaballah says Earth was created because God desired a dwelling-place in the lower realms.   This dwelling place is the Sephira, the spirit or emenation of God, called Malkhut, which means the Kingdom, as in the Kingdom of God or Heaven. From one perspective, Malkhut, the lower realm, Earth, is the most base, mundane and low of all aspects, realms, or sephirot of God/creation. This is according to the path of ascension, since it is lowest on the down-up path. On the path of emenation, however, which is up-down, and the perspective of the Most High, it is the glorious culmination of creation. ‘darkness upon the face of the deep.’ Since ‘Earth’ represents the lower principle, and it is unformed, and therefore without limitation, it is called ‘the deep.’ ‘Darkness’ refers to the void, and the passage implies the inherent first existence of the void, or darkness. From this primal state, God, the light, the active principle, begins his work; this culminates in Malkhut, ‘Earth,’ which has been biblically called darkness, without light, nothing, thus representing the completion of the cycle. Darkness-light-darkness. ‘Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters’: Active principle, God, light, began its work on the pre-existing, passive void. Called ‘waters’ to reference the fact that it is flow, without resistence.

Verse 3: ‘Let there be light’: God began the downward path of emenation.

Verse 4: ‘Light was good…divided from darkness’: The darkness is beyond all notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ It is also without ‘life’ as we think of it. Life has the natural drive for the good, the beneficial, the pleasurable, thus that principle, called ‘light’ and ‘good,’ was created, as the balancing force, ‘separate from’ the darkness, the void. ‘Darkness’ is the inherent existence of the Universe. It is ‘cold’ in that it has no relationship to life. It represents the principle of entropy, whereby systems increase in disorder over time, which is the opposite of conduciveness to life. ‘The light’ is life, and it represents negative entropy. With the light, and negative entropy, systems tend to increase in both complexity and order. It, therefore, represents evolution. Life, the light, is therefore the great balancing force in the cosmic equation that is existence. Life and evolution, the light, is good. Without the light, things just are. No pleasure, no joy, no increase of intelligence. Though perhaps one could say these things are not ‘necessary,’ it is good, and it is why we are here, and it brings balance.

Verse 5: ‘And the evening and the morning’: As previously stated, the void was first, thus the evening is before morning. Entropy, because of its constancy, is said to be an arrow of time. Light and dark, order and disorder, entropy and negative entropy, are thus intimately connected with time. This is why day and night is separated, to indicate time. Now just as entropy has a constant ‘direction’ thus its relationship to time, so to does negative entropy, and its is opposite. Thus you get the two opposing directions, which is related to the ‘path of ascension’ and ‘path of emenation’ I referred to previously. The distinction between ‘light’ and ‘dark’ also is the initial introduction of duality.

Verse 6/7: ”Let there be a firmament…to divide the waters above from the waters below’: The division of light and dark, day and night, entropy and negative entropy, created duality in time, as the two imply opposite ‘directions’ in time. Time and space being intimately connected through space-time, a duality in space naturally followed. Thus a firmament was created to divide the ‘waters,’ which means the flow of energy, into its basic duality. ‘Firmament’ generally means a physical thing, expansive, referring to the neverending duality of physical reality. This barrier between the polar ends, ‘the waters above and the waters below,’ is itself the connecting thread between them, through which they are one. The uniting thread between all polarities is the key to all things, thus the firmament is called Heaven, as per verse 8.

Think of all polarities in reality in the energetic sense, positive and negative charges. Keep in mind like charges repel, and opposite charges attract. The polarity is defined by a neutral center. This all proves the yin/yang concept of Tao. Choosing one polarity creates the opposite. Moving to positive is like infusing neutrality with a positive charge, which means moving towards the positive force with a positive charge, which means repulsion away from the positive. Simultaneously, this positive charge that is created becomes attracted to the negative. Remember, now, this whole positive-negative energy thing is just the scientific way of expressing how energy works, but this concept of polarity applies to all mental and physical phenomena. The most relatable and understandable way of looking at this is our process of conceptualization, where every concept we conceive of inherently implies its opposite. The inherent duality of language.

All motion, whether mental or physical, is towards a polar end. This motion creates the previously described process of attraction and repulsion, and this creates a complex reaction that ultimately permeates the entire universe. All motion ultimately spreads through all space and time. As you move towards one polar end, say positive, and it pushes you towards the opposite end(negative), the positive end is stimulated in a way that is based on the motion, for it must be to repel in this way. It also stimulates the negative end based on itself, for it must in order to attract. At every single point, the entirety of the polarity of energy is being stimulated based on the specific motion, through this process. Seen in this way, which is the true reality of things, you can see how every single action is an energy that rings through and alters all space and time.

Our minds, and the ‘physical matter’ it perceives, is what creates the perception of ‘motion’ over ‘time,’ and things ‘actually’ existing in certain states. Quantum mechanics uses the term ‘superposition’ to describe the reality of things prior to observation. In the non-observed reality, things exist in all possible states simultaneously. Prior to observation, the forces are allowed to exist naturally, which means as a simultaneous network of attractive and repulsive forces throughout all space and time. Upon the mind’s observation, reality’s energies must condense to one ‘actual’ way of existing in physical reality, but this is just one of many possible ways of existing.  Every possibility is equally ‘real,’ and each one makes up its own ‘universe,’ and combined they make up the multiverse, which is every possibility simultaneously existing in the energy network.

F=mA(Force = mass x acceleration)
As there is an inverse relationship between mass and acceleration, mass could be interpreted as the tendency to stay in the same space. You might say larger mass increases attraction, and this is true in a way, but what you are attracting is objects of a similar nature, in similar space, to what currently is, and that may not be your preference, just where you happen to be. Lower mass and higher acceleration is better for unpreferential spaces. Higher mass and lower acceleration is better for preferable spaces.  Acceleration is increased through going within, or not actively moving outwards and partaking in actions based on intentions; this is also assisted by creating space between you and the objects in your reality.
Objects exist in space. To give space between yourself and the objects in your reality is to allow freedom of change for those objects. Objects inherently fall into place based on the nature of the space, so allowance for change of objects means that you are open to change in the space that you occupy. Intentional actions create lots of outward momentum, and since reality is INHERENTLY circular, this creates many large circular loops, thereby increasing mass, thereby increasing your tendency to stay in the same space. Losing intention is assisted through decreasing the amount of attention that is focused externally. Not paying attention to external happenings, and not having intentions in relation to externals, creates space, gives the external freedom of motion, which increases your tendency to change the space you occupy, or increases acceleration.
This increased acceleration allows for greater freedom, through greater allowance, but there remains the issue of individual flavor, personal preferences. Whatever mass you do have, and there will always be mass, will have a certain signature to it. This signature is its tendency towards some particular space. Intention, particularly intentional actions, creates mass, whose signature is of its own essence. Its essence is defined by the space it occupies, or the circumstances surrounding it. So, through focusing on things and acting out intentions that are consistent with your preferences, you work those preferences into the signature of your mass, which is your tendency to occupy a certain space. Through, in non-preferential circumstances, losing focus and intention, you remove those from your mass-signature, thereby reducing its tendency to be a part of your reality. Simultaneously, this non-intention and non-focus increases acceleration, which increases your ability to shift through spaces.