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Consider the relativity in looking at things in terms of ‘self’ and ‘others’. ‘Self’ is entirely relative to your point of view, as is others. From the ‘others’ point of view, they are self, and you are other. One way of expressing this is that every ‘person’ in your reality is self, which we could re-state as every ‘person’ in your reality is you, if we are able to see things clearly without limiting egoistic notions. Compare this to the ‘golden rule,’ treat others how you would like to be treated. You cannot directly control the way the external acts towards you, you can only control the way you act towards the external. From the perspective of the external, the way you act towards it is the way the external acts towards it. You are its external. Therefore, if we are to look at life objectively, in light of the previously established relativity, we could say that life is a reciprocal process. You are the external to your external, and so the way you treat it is the way it will treat you.

It seems logical to take this approach. Make two conscious decisions. First of all, make the decision that you are going to absolutely accept whatever the external brings you, and go right into it without resistence. Second of all, make the decision that you are not going to worry about yourself in any way, and your only priority will be to help others to be happy and fulfilled. Logically, this will reflect back to you. If you do not take this approach, in light of what I have previously outlined, what is the result? The external to your external, you, is more concerned about hir own happiness than its happiness. So from that perspective, the external is not entirely concerned with the subject’s well-being. Here YOU are the external, and your external is the subject. This means that relative to you and your experience, the external will not be entirely concerned with your well being. Through making others’ well-being your sole priority, and cultivating unconditional love and compassion, this will allow the external to facilitate your own well-being and joy effortlessly, because you will be making no effort towards your own well-being, but the external will naturally facilitate it through its reflection process. The attitude that you cultivate towards the external is the attitude the external will reflect back at you. Be what you want to see.

Think of your true fantasies. Your absolute ideal life circumstances and experiences. Try to actually imagine experiencing these things. In all likelihood, there will arise a certain confusion inside of you. This is because that which we can truly understand without confusion is just a step or so away from where we currently are. When we think of our ideal reality, we have not considered certain smaller yet fundamental changes which would have to come first, and so we get confused when thinking of the ideal, since we have not considered these developments. Again, the point here is not to point out an ‘impossibility’ of these fantasies just happening. It is moreso about being able to appreciate it.

Now think of a positive improvement in your life that is not so dramatic. Something relevant to your life right now, that would make you really happy if it would happen. Now imagine that happening. Feel the joy it would bring you. Now think of that ‘small’ step that would bring you that joy, and compare it to your ideal fantasy. In all likelihood, if you are being honest about your ideal fantasy, that small thing is quite a small step in comparison to your true ideal fantasy. Now re-imagine your ideal fantasy, and try to feel the happiness of having it happen. In all likelihood, the difference in the level of happiness between the two is nowhere near proportional to the difference there is in terms of improvement of life circumstances. Let’s say the ‘minor’ thing that would bring you so much happiness is 1% of the greatness that is your ideal fantasy. And yet it makes you, let’s say, 90% as happy to think about as your ideal fantasy.

Now let us analyze this. Let us devize a system where each ‘step’ between now and your ideal reality represents 1% of the path, since that is the figure we developed previously in terms of the smaller step in relation to it. Let us call this percentage point simply a ‘point.’ Let us say that each point represents the amount of happiness you felt when imagining that ‘small’ thing going your way. If you were to go through a sequential development of improvement of life circumstances, in this case consisting of 100 steps between where you are now and your ideal reality, you would experience 100 happiness points. If you were to jump directly from where you are now to your ideal reality, in sticking with the previous outline figure where the ‘small step’ gave you 90% of the happiness of your ideal reality, you would experience about 1.11 happiness points. So you see, experiencing and recognizing the value of every step in between where you are now and your ideal reality is necessary both in order to understand how your ideal reality can come about, as well as to maximize the happiness derived from the process. In additional to all of this, it makes the actual achievement of your ideal reality all the better. This is because by going through the process, you learn to appreciate many smaller details that compose your ultimate ideal reality. Through doing this, you can truly understand WHY your ideal reality is so great, and thus fully appreciate it when it comes about.

“The medium is the message.” Each development in communicative technology, each new medium, has within itself certain inevitable progressions. It inevitably evolves in a certain way according to its nature. So any specific expression within a given medium is not that important, because ultimately it is going to evolve according to its own nature, and THAT is the message, not some particular manifestation. So with the development of television and all of that, which represents the past-present medium, there were certain inevitable results. One of these was the celebrity culture that is so apparent today. With television, ‘characters’ are not left to the imagination, as it was with text. Rather, any given individual or scene represented with video is about THAT person. Inevitably, then, we as a society would develop preferences for certain archetypal characters which would come to be associated with certain faces, or individuals.

The Internet is laying the foundation for a new medium. Let us say this is the present-future medium, as it is somewhat in existence today, but has only just begun its evolution. One aspect of its inevitable evolution is a massive expansion of the celebrity culture. The previous medium, based on television and movies, was essentially monopolized by a few large corporations. Beyond this, the essential point is that there was a limited quantity of material that would actually be produced and viewed by the public at large. This leads to a small, aristocratic celebrity culture that the majority of the population is jealous of, and occupies the minds of the societal masses. With the E-volution, these restrictions do not exist. For a time, the society will have a hard time realizing and taking advantage of the new possibilities, and will use these new possibilities to serve the purposes of, and propogate, the television culture and its ideals; this is where we are now. Inevitably, though, the society realizes that anyone can be a ‘celebrity.’ We do not need to be limited to only a few celebrities which are nationally or internationally recognized. There will be more and more talented people who desire to live what we may call a ‘celebrity lifestyle.’

What to do with this influx of interesting and talented people, potential celebrities, that we are seeing today, and will continue to see more and more of as time goes on? With this expansion of the celebrity culture will come a localization of the celebrity culture. There are something like 300 million citizens in America today. Let us say there are 30 real celebrities in America, though the number could differ depending on how you look at it, but these differences are inconsequential in terms of the point I’m making. This means that there is one celebrity for every 10 million citizens. The overwhelming majority of the fans of these celebrities will never have any interaction, letalone significant interaction, with these people, despite the fact that they would love that. Let us now consider an America that has 30,000 ‘celebrities,’ about 1,000 times more than we have today. This may seem strange, but here each ‘celebrity’ corresponds to 10,000 citizens, which would in general be localized. Now you have a much more manageable celebrity-fan situation, where the ‘celebrities’ have the same type of exposure, if not more, that constitutes a celebrity in our minds, and the corresponding lifestyle and fan adoration, yet with a realistic ability for the fans to interact with the people they are fans of.

As I say, this new societal structure would in general sort itself out according to locality. There will be a development of many well-developed ‘niches,’ based on the great diversity of interests among people. These niches will overlap in certain ways, and will have their own corresponding ‘celebrities.’ Based on various factors of appeal, each ‘celebrity’ will have their own mass of following, in terms of numbers and geographical range, as well as cross-niche appeal. Their primary base will be local, but they could potentially expand to large areas. Now when we think of the celebrity lifestyle, there are a few things to consider. It is partially based on their level of exposure and popularity, which we already addressed would be fulfilled. It is also partially based on the LIFESTYLE of the celebrity, which we will inevitably discover is available to all of us basically. The other thing to consider is that it is not only about BEING a celebrity. Being friends with, or dating, a celebrity is also very exciting. With this expansion of the celebrity culture, and its corresponding localization and intimacy, the prospect of becoming friends with, or dating, a celebrity will become very realistic. What this means is that everyone will essentially be able to live the celebrity lifestyle, whether or not they themselves are one of the actual ‘celebrities.’ Right now the situation is that there are a few people living lifestyles that most of the rest of the citizenry wishes they were living. As this E-volution occurs, the development of the new medium through the Internet, we will all have any sort of lifestyle we would like available to us. As it has been implied in my mind, but a potential objection I can see being raised, all of this does NOT imply the stereotype of getting drunk every night and doing various wreckless thing. This is only one possibility, that in some people’s minds has become a stereotype. The point is that there will be no limits to our lifestyles, and we will be able to take that freedom of choice and do with our lives whatever we wish, with no limits.

Imagine one wave that is of a high vibrational frequency, and another that is of a lower frequency. Imagine that both of these waves take up the same space. If you were to trace the motion of the higher-frequency wave, you would find that it intersected with the lower-frequency wave during a certain fraction of its own motion. Let’s say 10%, but the specific number is arbitrary and irrelevent. If we consider that energy travels through discrete jumps between information bits, we can say that the slower wave intersects 10% of the information that composes, or is produced by, the higher-frequency energy-source. To further our understanding of the ideas being proposed, let us also consider that information bits are absolutely raw and pure; this means that the way that information is actually perceived is entirely relative to the consciousness, or energies, of the individual who is perceiving it. In other words, this raw information DOES exist, in reality, but any perception of it an individual might have is constructed by hir own individual mind.

Now given this energetic nature of everything, let us say that an individual reality is its own basic energy-frequency, and it is populated by individuals, things, and perceptions that are consistent with that frequency. Given this nature of reality, let us say that the high-frequency energy wave previously spoken of is a very advanced reality, in terms of its levels of consciousness or in whatever sense resonates best with you. This reality would be populated by individuals of this same level, and they would be engaging in activities and producing things that were also of that same level. Remember that this reality takes up the same space as the lower frequency reality, as these different realities are simply the different energy-frequencies I originally spoke of. Sticking with the arbitrary difference of frequency I chose earlier, 90% of their activity would be essentially invisible to inhabitants of the lower frequency reality. It would be impossible to register in the mind of an individual who was of that lower frequency. First let this fully register in your mind, and then let’s move on to the logical consequence of this, which is found within that point but must be considered separately from it. 10% of their activity, or the information found within this reality, would be visible to this lower frequency reality.

Now remember, this information would be absolutely raw and pure; HOW it manifested in an individual’s reality would be entirely dependent on hir own mind. In our terms, it might come through as certain songs and musicians and their music videos. This is if we’re looking at it in terms of music, which I feel is a very significant way of looking at all of this, because it is so directly energy, in that the songs are sound-waves, and the music videos are light-waves. In another sense, it might manifest as some author, or even some random person online(). The point being, this 10%, or whatever the case may be, of information that drips down to you from these higher-vibrational realities will manifest in whatever way makes the most sense to you, in terms of your own view of reality. If you don’t pay attention, you might not even notice it at all. This information would essentially come from this higher-vibrational reality, and could be looked at as a transmission to you and your reality from that reality. It may be useful to think of higher-vibrational realities as future realities, and you could then look at these transmissions as messages from the future leaking into your past reality, calling you to itself. Since time itself is relative, your ability to soak in and integrate these transmissions would chart your potential course to these realities, and how much ‘time’ it would take to get there. The more you allow yourself to integrate these vibrations, the more things that are of that frequency could come into your reality, and the closer you could get to that reality.

The Message: Advanced future realities are calling out to you. They are attraction points, and they are attempting to draw you into themselves. Pay attention, and trek the course to these wonderful realities that await.

The basic function of the self is to find problems, or imperfections. Therefore, self-hood invariably results in anxiety. This is really an issue of identification, because if you can look at it from a perspective that is free of identification, you could re-state, in another way, that the function of the self is to innovate and find improvements. This non-self, the Ocean which the self is a drop within, benefits from the anxiety and dissatisfaction created by the infinite variations of self-hood, by means of its experiencing all of the innovations and improvements created by the various selfs within its Self, being unattached to it all. The Ocean experiences the solution within every problem. The separate self, however, moves from one dissatisfaction to another. It creates a dilemma, and then either solves it or does not solve it. If it is not solved, you will either continue to dwell on it, or that problem will instead become a dissatisfaction within your subconscious, and your conscious mind will find a new problem to worry about. If it is solved, your mind will seek out new imperfections, and the process will repeat. Ultimately, the problem of never-ending anxiety comes back to the self. The self, by its nature, can never be satisfied. It must be given up, but this is not a negation. Rather, this is fulfillment beyond the capabilities of the self.

The self seeks to possess. But a thing can only possess something smaller than it. We must, instead, be possessed by something much larger than us. Call this God, call this Love, or call this the Ocean which we are but one drop within. Whatever you want to call it, dissolve yourself within it, and be taken over completely by it. Let no remnants of your self remain. When you are dissolved, you are still not the whole ocean; where, then, will you go? The energies, or the water droplets, sort themselves out perfectly, without each individual drop needing to do anything. The drop trying to do something, in fact, puts it in disharmony with the whole ocean. You cannot be fulfilled when you are in disharmony with the whole. When the self is dissolved in the ocean, when your energies become a part of an infinitely flowing energy-field, you become a part of an incredible harmony, and the whole sorts you perfectly within itself. This leads to fulfillment beyond what you are capable of, or can even conceive of really. There is no need for fear of losing the things which you perceive to be desirable functions of the Self; when you allow yourself to be possessed and sorted by the whole, it naturally aligns you according to your True Will. Your True Will is in line with the whole, and it is what you REALLY want anyways; it is better than the ideas conceived of by your self, or ego. But only when you are out of the way can your True Will come to fruition.

Relative Energy

If we come to realize that it is all energy, then all of these various differentiations, such as planetary movement and movement throughout the galaxy, down to quantum events, are just semi-arbitrary ways of looking at our True Nature as Energy. We think of ourselves as being ‘bound to the earth’ in its gravitational field. We do not realize that all mass, and all energy, produces effects in gravity fields. We are interacting in a shared energy field, with our respective energy levels. Brute size plays a part in energy levels, but it in no way is the sole factor. Think of a black hole. A Singularity. These are the most powerful energies there are, and they are very small. Our body is just relative mass in a field of relativistic energy. All size-scales are arbitrary, in the sense that the same principles work at all scales. As the planets do, as quantum particles do, we do.

Your energy level creates a field of consciousness around you, as what one might call ‘gravitational mass.’ This determines the amount of space you get, which determines the range of your consciousness’ ability to work within itself. This aspect of consciousness is a big part of why physics and science has been missing out on some of these things, in its youthful understanding of energy. In our most early stages of understanding energy, in terms of tangible experience, we have mostly saw energy as it directly relates to a physical mass, such as our body. We do not take in the intangible aspects of consciousness, and this causes us to miss the whole thing. Through tapping into the power of our consciousness, we can raise our energies, which affects our range of influence in gravitational fields. We are no way limited by our being ‘organisms’ on a ‘planet.’ We ourselves, just as the planet, are made up of many smaller entities, of different types; the same is true with these smaller entities themselves, as well as with larger scales throughout the Galaxy and Universe. Both of these are arbitrary distinctions based on size, which is relative, and the way we label and conceptualize these things implicitly contain various conclusions within themselves, none of which have any basis in reality, other than the results of our own point of view.

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The essence of life, in physical-energetic terms, is electrical-chemical reactions. Reality is constructed, and organisms interact through, chemical interactions charged by electricity. This entire world of sensory-chemical information is generally ignored, and left to the subconscious mind. It is within the range of our total consciousness, though; we can become perceptive to this world. You must pay careful attention to all sensory perceptions and internal or external feelings. Through noticing more and more subtle interactions among these things, you will become perceptive to this communication network. It exists within yourself, with other humans, as well as with the plant world. You can now take in, interpret, or send out energy-tones. This will create the ‘life’ or characteristics, of your internal programming.

The Elements can be broken down into families, and these families are, in truth, a blueprint of Evolution itself. The Periodic Table Of Elements charts the path of all Evolution. We can learn of Evolution, and therefore Consciousness, through emperical study of the Universe. The Elements are a wonderful example of this, and it describes another parallel for the proposed understanding of Reality. Scientifically and technically speaking, the Elements progressively lose electronegativity and increase Ionization Energies. Electronegativity is the tendency to attract electrons into itself. Ionization Energy is the amount of energy required to remove electrons.  This is what happens as you move into higher groups/families of the Periodic Table. This culminates with the Noble Gases, which represent the peak of Evolution as we know it. They have completely negligible electronegativities and very high ionization Energies. This means that an atom of a Noble Gas would be unlikely to gain new Electrons, as well as unlikely to lose them. This resistance to change could be likened to an incredibly deep contentment and confidence, psychologically. It amounts to an extreme capability to allow a very large range on the relative scales of experience and gravity to pass through it, without changing itself.

We can relate this to confidence and apparent passivity. This passiveness is not a result of weakness, but rather the result of the ability to be unmoved despite any range of possible experiences. This means that despite the stillness/passivity of its center, this actually includes the largest range of experience. Scientifically and specifically, all of this is the result of having a completely full valence/outer shell. It has completed its evolution of progressively evolving through various aspects on the ranges of relativity to be found in gravity-fields. Its noble perfection could only come about through perfectly evolving through all previous stages. You cannot fulfill outer layers until you first fill the more inner layers. Through stable filling of more inner layers, outer layers become possible to fill. Now being ‘full’ means to the outermost layer, which is the furthest away from the center point of attraction. ‘Points of attraction’ amount to being an energy source which is orbited around. This is comporable to the Sun of our Solar System, a black hole, or the center of the galaxy. In order to be furthest away from a point of attraction, as with the outer electrons, you must have the lowest gravitational mass. This means gravity works on you less, which is actually the result of your not resisting it. The more resistence there is to gravity, the more it pulls. Evolution is done through evolving into states of less and less resistence.

Electronegativity is the tendency of an atom or a functional group to attract electrons towards themselves. Electronegativity could be interpreted as the tendency of an entity to attract objects of orbit. At a quantum level, this means acquiring electrons and the like to determine the atomic structure. At a galactic level, this amounts to the previously mentioned things; Sun of our solar system, black hole, Galaxy Center. Despite the great discrepency in the relative scale of the two states, it all amounts to the same essential thing. Logically, if this same principle holds at the quantum level and the galactic level, the same principles must hold at the in-between scales, such as planetary and species/human scales. That is to say that if we can truly understand elemental and quantum behavior, in its evolutionary context, we can obtain an incredibly detailed breakdown and psychology for life itself, emperically verifiable at all scales, from quantum to human to galactic. Evolution could be defined as understanding and then utilizing the principles behind all of these states of evolution. The more we understood quantum logic, the more we can personally embody its powerful possibilities. The same is true with the logic of Genetic/Biological Evolution. Through truly having a personal understanding of deeper and deeper levels of reality, you can apply the principles to gain access to their power, which is the result of those principles.

In terms of social networking, there would have to be a comfort in actually engaging with new people. It would facilitate more ‘natural’ interaction. As it currently stands, in the social networking scene, there are three primary possibilities of interaction. One is insignificant crap that has miniscule meaning even on the site, and leads to nothing. Another is interaction with people you already know. Another is awkward attempts at communicating with people you do not know, which has some arbitrary and random possibility of success, usually low. It seems to me that for social networking, in the sense of actually meeting and forming relationships with new people, there MUST BE more depth added to it, and some structure based on interests and the like. Practically the only meaningful relationships I have ever made on the internet have been through forums. It is in this forum setup that people are capable of truly getting to know each other. Social networking is always surface level interaction. A huge part of your feelings about an unknown person on a social networking site are bound to be determined by their pictures, and you’re going to have to say something either awkward, cheesy, or boring to initiate communication. This is not conducive to forming meaningful relationships.

Now I speak here of meaningful relationships, but I am not implying that in-depth intimate relationships are the only ones of value. For instance, let us consider sexual encounters. In this world of sexual repression, the internet is astounding in its possibilities for facilitating sexual encounters. As it is, it is practically laughable how terribly things are set up in this department. In terms of sexuality, the diversity of possibilities is very sparse. You basically have porn, nearly asexual social networking sites, dating sites, and some more sexually-oriented social networking sites. Porn is nice primarily in that it increases your sexual imagination, and thus sexual energies. It does little in the way of real world fulfillment, however. It’s all people you’ll never meet. One may think that social networking would be great for meeting new people for potential romantic/sexual encounters, and there are millions who wish this was the case, but in reality this does not work out very well.

Established social networking sites, such as facebook, work almost entirely through interaction with people you already know. It may be useful for improving an established relationship, but it is highly ineffective at facilitating new relationships. The greatest sexual fulfillment on these sorts of sites, beyond potentially improving an established relationship, is someone you find attractive uploading a semi-revealing picture. No nudity is allowed, and there seems to be a fairly widely accepted taboo against intentionally being sexy in pictures. Generally when people put up these semi-revealing pictures, they do it under a guise of innocence, almost as if they are unaware that the picture is revealing. This is the result of the basic fact that social networking sites are nearly asexual. They are not conducive to direct sexuality. There are dating websites, and some of these are fine for attempting to establish long-lasting monogamous relationships, I’m sure, but I’m equally sure that these are far too ‘serious’ for what many people are looking for. Then you have the ‘adult-oriented’ social networking sites, which are failures to the point that they are hardly worth mentioning. These tend to be explicit in their sexual nature, and you seemingly ALWAYS have to pay to be a part. This amounts to people paying in order to have sexual encounters, and this is not the sort of thing that many people are comfortable with.

So we have here went to two ends of the spectrum. On one hand we have in-depth connections, where you truly get to know and appreciate others. On the other hand we have casual sexuality. Neither of these are being facilitated particularly well on the internet-as-it-is, and I would like to bring this whole spectrum of interaction into one medium. Although they would be a part of one medium, they would not be directly intertwined. There would be the possibility of crossing over between these aspects, but they would be distinct. There would be different ‘sections’ of the site for different sorts of relationships. Looking ahead, from my current point of view, I can break this down into three primary sections. One is where an individual wants to share something SHe has done, and maybe get feedback. With this, it is basically about you. You’re not so much trying to start a dialogue, but rather share. We can tenatively call this ‘blogging.’ Another section would be designed for actual conversation. There would be a whole range of possible depths to these conversations. There could be anything from in-depth philosophic or political discussions/debates to any sort of casual topic of conversation. We can call this the ‘forum’ interface. Next we have the more casual yet personal environment of ‘social networking.’ Here people share any sort of basic things that they may casually share with friends. In the current social networking scene, we would think of this as things like like status’, pictures, etc. As I say, this is both the most personal and casual environment. It would be primarily for use of people you wanted to get to know on a ‘real’ or personal level, but for in-depth interaction you would not want to limit yourself to this environment.

Now, we would attempt to create a system within all of these ‘sections’ where there would be broad categories along with increasingly specific classifications. You would select the broad categories which were of interest, and then proceed to either select more specific classifications or learn over time what specific categories were of primary interest to you. You would be asked to rate things after being shown them, including options like ‘not sure’ or ‘doesn’t fit my interests.’ There could be some sort of tracking system on the site that shows you your most used categories, as well as rating trends within these various categories. This could give you insight into what your favorite categories are, as well as categories that may not be of the level of interest that you had thought. There would be a database of the ratings that all of the various users gave out, as well as each user’s favorite categories. The system would be set up, either through some sort of coding or through human analysis, to track common relationships between various categories. This would be for the purpose of developing a ‘You may also be interested in…’ sort of thing. Potential unknown interests would be recommended to you not only by other categories that other people who share common categories of interest with you are interested in, but it would be further filtered through a process which would favor individuals who have rated things within those categories similarly to you.

Now as I speak of these ‘categories,’ the most natural interpretation may lead you to think of reading/viewing things in the blogging interface, or topics of conversations in the forum interface, due to the impersonal sound of the word. However, I would seek to employ this same basic system with social interacting. It gets quite interesting and unique here, because in some ways it causes us to question the very nature of our humanity and our interactions. Each individual would determine ‘categories’ of interest for people to interact with. This means basic personality types, various physical traits, whatever. You would determine the ‘types’ of people you were interested in meeting, or your basic feelings about these different ‘types.’ Interactions would be faciliated through the ways in which everyone was categorized by others, as well as the ways they were ‘rated’ in terms of these categories. These would be kept anonymous. This is so that people feel comfortable being honest in their assessment of others, and also so that people are comfortable and confident in being themselves, without needing to conform to others standards. This self-confidence and ease of interaction would continuously be improved, because the social setting would be continuously improved as well, by means of facilitating interaction with ideal people.