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The internet is the greatest tool mankind has ever invented. Although it is as great as it is, its potential reaches far beyond its current utilization, and even beyond the imagination of the great majority of people. The internet as I imagine it is a completely customized experience, designed to tailor completely to the uniqueness of each individual who uses it. One of the ‘problems’ of the internet as it is is that it is completely standardized across the globe, or at least country. Search engines, and everything else, sort everything according to (inter)national trends. The results of what comes up in your internet experience should be customized to your own personal dispositions and wants. This should be done through complex personal and interpersonal feedback. There would be a database of your search trends, which would further be classified according to a rating system with which you would have the option for giving ratings to everything. Everything on the internet would be classified through certain categories, and then be rated by the individuals who utilized it, and those ratings would be sorted according to the preferences and rating trends of the individuals who rated them. So what you were confronted with on the internet would be based on the trends of what you look for as well as how you rate things, showing you things based on what other people who have similar interests and have similar ratings have also rated good. This would allow you to find more and more material that would be of interest to you, and all the while you would continue to rate things, which would further customize your experience.

There would also be an encouragement to utilize an easy ability for individuals to post their own material. Everything would be put into this database, and so your material would be rated and sorted through in the same way as everything else. There would, then, be two basic rating systems. One would be the way that you rated everything in your internet experience, and the other would be the way others rated you in their internet experience. The preferences of the indiduals who rated you would be sorted through, and so you would have different ratings based on different type of people who had different preferences. This would customize the way in which your material is found, making it easier for people who tend to like the sort of material you are posting to find. The database, or individuals monitoring it, would track overall trends in personality types, and come up with meaningful classifications of personality types/preferences, and note the relationships between different characteristics. Individuals using this system would meet other people in a variety of environments. There would be the basic ‘blog’ like setup, where one individual basically make his/her voice heard, and other people watch/read and leave their thoughts. There would be the ‘forum’ type of setup, where individuals all interact with eachother in regards to topics of shared interest. There would also be the ‘social networking’ aspect, which would be greatly improved through this system. All these different methods of communication would be distinct, yet related.

This ‘database’ I’m speaking of would run through all the different modes of interaction. Individuals who enjoy things you post in a blog-like setup may want to interact with you in a more interactive forum setup. Individuals who you vibe with in a forum setup may be compatible in such a way that it would be appropriate to connect in a more casual social networking setup. It would work in the reverse as well, of course. Individuals who you form casual and somewhat shallow relationships with in the social networking arena may want to interact with you more in-depth, and truly understand who you are as an individual. This relationship would now go into the more in-depth forum and blogging interfaces. Now you could potentially have multiple ‘e-identities,’ each of which would be a basically distinct personality. What is meant here is basically when you have more than one ‘part’ of who you are, that aren’t exactly the same. Say you are very interested in philosophy, and also very interested in sports. These are not exactly overlapping, and so likely these would split into two different e-identities, each of which would group various aspects of who you are and your internet trends and sort them into your different identities in the way that best describes the different identities. Each of your e-identities would be sorted into the larger database, and work its way into the overall seams of the internet as part of whatever larger categories are appropriate. Based on a similar ‘rating’ system, it would then keep track of the different individuals who you got along with best through whatever medium it was that worked best, and whatever e-identity you were using. It would notice the commonalities in terms of what larger personality categories they were a part of, as well as their search and rating trends. The internet would then facilitate further interactions with people who were of similar personality categories that have been found to be compatible, and you would interact through whatever medium was most appropriate.

Another aspect of this, that I alluded to earlier, would be the aspect of locality. Internet experience, particularly the individuals you interact with, would tend towards locality. It would be designed so that it would generally be possible to actually meet the people you interact with. This all depends on personal preferences, of course. You would filter your preferences through things such as locality vs. overall compatibility. Whether or not you were interested in actually meeting certain types of people and so forth. Also, you would determine what types of people, or what specific people, you wanted to share all of the various things you do online with. So people would only have access to whatever you wanted them to see, and that would be entirely determined by your preferences. This would be further aided by the concept of e-identities. Your various identities would be strengthened and clarified through your various interactions and the types of information you chose to share with the people met through the various identities. This would also maximize the benefit of your various relationships, because only compatible information would be shared, unless it was with an individual who you chose to share a broader range of information.

The synapses that connect the neurons receive nerve-impulses that form energy waves. Waves, it must be remembered, are not like physical particles. Waves cannot be said to have any absolute location within space or time. Millions of different energy waves are being sent out through the synaptic connections in the brain in any moment, and all of these waves create a basic energy-field that creates patterns of interference due to the intermingling of the various wave-forms. These patterns of interference create a basic tone to the energy field that creates harmonious vibrations with all of the various synaptic connections between the neurons. These patterns are stored holographically, in a pattern-based system of consciousness-energies. The functional areas in the brain, related to sense-perceptions, recall the information stored holographically within the brain, encode them according to the mind’s current vibrational-frequency, and then project memories/thoughts/perceptions into the individual’s field of awareness.

The “tone” or interence patterns or harmonious vibrations give meaning to all synaptic connections. It is basically the standard mode of interpretation that all information-signals, themselves being energy-waves, are filtered through and projected according to. Now every single information-signal is contained within the harmonious vibratory-pattern, and this pattern is basically the essential rhythym that is able to unite all of the energies harmoniously. Each individual energy-wave, though, has within it the potential to be its own mode of interpretation, or energy-tone. The basic pattern is the essential assumed viewpoint, and temporal experience occurs by cycling through the various synaptic connections, or wave-forms.

During these connections, there is an encounter between your assumed viewpoint and another viewpoint. This in a way causes either an attraction or repulsion of the waves, but this is in need of further explanation in order to understand it in a relatable psychological way. “Attraction” here implies a deeper understanding of the alternate energy-form/viewpoint that causes an alteration in the energy-tone of your consciousness, modeling it to some degree after that energy-form. “Repulsion” implies disregarding it so as not to allow it to alter the energy-tone. Now the energy-tone of your consciousness always strives for a sense of a total understanding. This disregarding, then, will likely imply leaving your understanding of the wave/viewpoint vague, and assuming that your vague understanding of the signal is consistent with your energy-tone or mode of interpretation. “Attraction” could then come to mean deep and precise understanding that comes about through the “closeness” generated through the attraction, and “repulsion” would imply a vague understanding that comes about as it moves “further away” by the mechanism of “repulsion.”

The probabilities that determine the structures that make up your reality align according to your own mental breakdown of statistical probabilities of what you assume would happen, or innately consider the possibility of. Things can not come into existence that you have not first considered coming into existence. All of the things that you consider happening are transferred to your highest consciousness, which essentially exists as a timeless database of all thoughts. These thoughts then arrange themselves according to the probabilities created by your own mental beliefs about possible reality-sequences, and the likelihood of their occurrence. All thoughts exist somewhere in the range of the possibilities of your highest Mind, and in order to shift through the likelihood of their occurrence you need to adjust your own mental considerations of what you intuitively think is possible.

The origin of all thoughts is somewhere in the past-future timeline, and from the perspective of higher consciousness there is only now. From the highest perspective of consciousness, there is only stored memories in timeless and infinite consciousness being remembered. Each of the occurrences in your reality-sequences can be looked at as games. There are certain roles being played, certain assumptions being had, certain rules implicit in the game. Now, games can intertwine in all sorts of ways, and there can be games within games. However it plays out, these sequences do not play out according to pre-determined rules. They play out according to your own rules, that you subconsciously consider to be probable.

There exists probability regions around us at all times, alternate formations of atoms. These alternate formations of atoms essentially result in alternate realities. The energies of reality always remain as probability regions until observation, at which point the probabilities collapse into one actual formation. The formation results from focusing, which condenses the probability regions of the surroundings in order to conform with that focus point. It is a mirror image of the focus point of the observer. The less focused you are, the more wiggle room the atoms are given to exist as probabilities. Increased intensities and durations of being unfocused opens your mind up to more and more of its potential for infinitely wide range of ways which it can sort the surrounding energies in its creation of your reality. This is simply a testament to the infinitely wide range of FOCUS POINTS which the brain is capable of. When you focus, the probabilities collapse in order to conform to the viewpoint of your focus. This works on a reciprocating fashion, because since your focus creates your reality, it seemingly confirms the truth of your focus point. This creates momentum, and makes that viewpoint more and more ingrained into your mental makeup, which therefore continues to play a role in your brain’s sorting of the energies.

If you understand this process, the ideal way of being becomes obvious. Constantly cultivate an unfocused mind, until an opportunity to focus in an enjoyable and preferable way presents itself. When this occurs, you focus intensely, honing in your mind on those energies. When the opportunity for preferable focusing disappears, you go back to cultivating an unfocused mind. Through your cultivation of an unfocused mind, you open up more potential within your Nervous System to sort energies in a more flexible fashion. Through your only focusing on preferable things, you build momentum in your mind, and create a tendency to align energies in that way. This is the essential technique for reality creation. Now it is all about training yourself to consistently do this, and learning how you want to focus. Remember, focus points serve as reference points for what you are going to attract into your reality.

The non-dual is understood most profoundly through extreme and intense expression of polarities. Non-dual can be accurately expressed through sticking to how things are “all one,” and these sorts of ideas, but this over time becomes bland and uninformative. If all is one, why must we be so careful to always remain neutral on everything? No no, this non-duality, the so-called middle way, is best understood through being able to integrate extreme expressions of polarity. It’s easy to say you understand the non-dual when you constantly surround yourself with statements of neutrality. Understanding and integration of the truth of the non-dual can only occur through immersing one’s self in opposing extremisms. Swinging back and forth between polarities, and pushing further and further towards more and more intense expression of each polar end. You must understand all manner of APPARENTLY dualistic expression in order to fully realize the truth of the non-dual.

Despite tribulations and momentary sadness
I remain an unapologetic optimist
Starry-Eyed idealism fills the core of my being
Eyes fixed to the sky
Dreaming of Utopia

There is an inverse relationship between “internal energies” and “external energies.” “Internal energies” are cultivated through non-intention, and “external energies” are cultivated through intention. You could also characterize external energies as expression, and internal energies as observation. It is best to, in any given moment, go as far towards one extreme or the other as possible. The benefit one gains through hir energy-expression is based on the purity of the expression. The more mixed one’s energies are, the less benefit SHe can gain from hir expression in that moment. If you are going to express yourself, express yourself entirely. Pay no regard to anything else, or what anyone thinks. Do not hold anything back. This is pure expression. If you are not going to express yourself, take your self out of the equation altogether. Don’t carry around these notions of identity and beliefs and all this stuff with you if you are not going to express it. In this state, you become a pure observer, removing all will.

Both of these states lend themselves towards immersion, which is the ultimate goal that unifies both energies. In the state of non-intention, there is no “you,” there is only Reality. In the state of pure-intention, there is ONLY you. Whether there is no you, or there is only you, either way one finds one’s consciousness in a state if immersion. There is no other. This is 100% pure energy. In-between states, in which one has some intention but compromises it due to external influences, cause mixed energies, which are impure. This limits the potential benefit. This is the ultimate polarity. Swinging back and forth between intention and non-intention, internal and external energies. As you swing back and forth between these two polar ends, always push the limit as far as you can. This increases your energies, which in turn increases the benefit one gains through hir energetic expression. When cultivating internal energies, always seek to take your Self more and more out of the equation. When cultivating external energies, always seek to express your Self in more and more intense and un-restricted ways.

Word-thoughts are slowly vibrating, dense forms of mental activity. They slow down your conscious mind, and utilize its unlimited energy potential in a highly inefficient manner. Become a very serious thought-watcher. During everything you do, pay attention to what is going on in your mind, and your Nervous System as a whole. Try to catch your thoughts the moment they arise, and understand them without needing to take the time to fully articulate them. As perceptions come into your awareness, learn to perceive the array of thoughts that pop into your head, the various connections being made; learn to process this multitude of thoughts instantly, again without needing to take the time to put them into words. You will find that this process of putting your thoughts into words is actually completely unnecessary. When you do this, you’re simply wasting time putting a thought that you already fully understand into words, just because you’ve become so accustomed to the idea of worded language. As you get more and more to the core of these thoughts, you may begin to find that you are able to process multiple different layers and expressions of thought simultaneously, in less time than it would generally take for you to articulate just one of them. Your brain has computing power beyond anything you can possibly imagine. There is an entire universe of information in your brain. It’s all there, right now. Most of it is simply tucked away in your subconscious, unavailable due to your tendency towards slow vibrations, which allow access to only the most surface level of mental activity.

The idea is to train yourself to become perceptive to the inner-workings of your brain. To perceive more and more subtle mental activity, and really pay attention to what is happening, as it happening. Here you will gain insight into what exactly your brain really does, and how it does it. As you are doing this, learn to ACT within this flow of information. The same principle is at work, here. You do not need to put your thoughts into words in order to determine what course of action is the right one. Understand the process of how your thoughts determine your actions, and allow your body to catch up with this faster rate of processing. It may be nerve-wracking at first, but as you see how it works, and that it DOES work, it is rather thrilling. If you can really learn to do this, everything you do can be absolutely enthralling. It’s like a never-ending adrenaline rush, where based on accumulated standards it seems as though you’re being wreckless, when in actuality you are acting more intelligently than you ever have, by far. This whole process will likely lead to an increased awareness of energy in the body, as well. You can use this energy to further assist you in guiding your decisions. That is the other task. Becoming aware of energy in the body, and trying to increase these energies.

All one can find in hir reality is fractal repetition of patterns. Every single thought or action one might engage in will simply lead to plunging down an infinitely deep fractal pattern. Thus, you will be constantly bombarded with new forms of memories. The moment you engage in anything, you trigger off a fractal sequence. One might get lost in the sequence, because the pattern has an infinite number of potential variations in the way that it manifests. However, there can never be anything “new” once the sequence is set off, because the very act that initiated the sequence was, itself, the pattern that you are setting off. Your initial move already had all the information required to create the infinitely deep pattern, with an infinite variety of perceptual variations.

This video is about the evolutionary purpose of modern culture, and how it relates to the beginning of post-larval stages of evolution, beginning with body-rapture, and then progressing into brain-intelligence. How it is necessary in our evolution to allow for an individual to do things purely because SHe enjoys them, or it will bring hir pleasure.