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I would like to share a little writing which demonstrates correspondences for Eastern terms and concepts with more elaborately explained concepts/design. This was inspired by a description of how the Universe came/comes into existence by John Lily, and I thought of the correspondences. There is more you could do, with various spiritual systems, but here is what I have for now.

Before Beginning(of Time/Space): Sunyata(emptiness/void)
From void Came Brahma(Growing/Choosing-God)
Then Self(Atman) was realized; Consciousness-Without-Object
Then the first notion of an Object arose; Unity(of time/space), 1
Then polarity arose, which would always equal out to 0, all the way up to infinity.

That which becomes all experiences: Brahma
That which is the experience itself: Vishnu
Spontaneous creation & destruction of every reality/moment from Void: Shiva
Sensual-Body: Soma

Whispers Of Silence

Come closer
Let me whisper sweet words of silence into your ear
Become intoxicated with my presence
The void
Emptiness is more than you have ever known
All that is collapses into it
Sucked into infinite potential
All that is comes from it, so it can return to it
You never departed
So come closer
I whisper, and the silence grows
The void is infinite
There is nothing else
I am